How to Use CBD to Combat Flight Anxiety

People suffering with flight and travel anxiety can use CBD oil

With many suffering from flight and travel anxiety, many are looking to alternative treatments like CBD oil. Image Credit: By maradon 333 on Shutterstock

If you’re not a big fan of planes, it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit anxious before getting on a flight. Some people might opt for a glass (or two or more) of wine to calm their nerves, but that may not be the best idea for those who want to keep their bearings once the wheels hit the runway. Luckily, there’s another option to help cut down the jitters before and during a flight: CBD could be the answer.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most common cannabinoid after THC. They’re both similar in the way that they are derived from the cannabis plant, but, unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects. Studies have shown that CBD is an effective treatment for reducing anxiety, stress, and helping to calm nerves — which is why it’s exactly what to search for before you plan your journey.

Recent research conducted by the British Pharmaceutical Society has shown that CBD can both help with the regulation of emotions and can be used as an anxiolytic —  a substance that can effectively reduce anxiety. Since CBD doesn’t have any psychotropic effects, you won’t have to worry about experiencing any paranoia or unpleasant physical effects normally associated with THC. Instead, you can expect to feel a little different than usual after consumption, most likely calmer —  you may also experience a boost in your mood and relief from tension in the body.

Using CBD Before Take-Off

Infused CBD edibles are a convenient option to help with flight anxiety since there are so many product options available, which are relatively easy to find. You can choose from desserts like chocolates and gummies, opt for a savory snack like nuts or popcorn, or even beverages like coffee or tea. It’s really dependent on your preference. For the best results, it’s important to time when you consume edibles based on the duration of your flight. Most CBD edibles take a while to kick in, so try eating one at least an hour before you would like to feel the effects — if you wait until right before you take off, you’ll likely have to wait well into the flight before you experience any relief.

A CBD tincture is similar to an edible in that it is taken orally. However, the effects are felt much more quickly as it’s absorbed under the tongue rather than digested. Tinctures will typically take 15 – 30 minutes to feel the full effects. This option is a good choice if you don’t have an hour or two to spare before your flight.

For some people, flying discomfort is not only psychological, but physical too. The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD topicals, bath salts, and oils are said to help reduce the kind of minor pain and muscle tension that could make an otherwise pleasant flight uncomfortable. Build some time into your travel schedule so, before you head out the door to hop on a plane, you can take a relaxing bath with your choice of infused oil or bath salt —  making sure to spend the recommended soaking time for full benefits.

Understanding Your Tolerance

As with any drug — natural or otherwise — follow the directions on the package carefully and be sure to consult a medical professional should anything feel amiss. If you want to be sure CBD will work the way you want once you’re sky-bound, give yourself time for a trial run at home a few days before your flight.

In terms of which kind of CBD? Choosing the CBD delivery method that will be most beneficial for you depends largely on personal preference, but, if you choose to use CBD edibles or tinctures, stay away from alcohol so that CBD can do its job without other influences. Though there are no known health risks involved in combining the two — and trendy bartenders have started mixing up CBD cocktails — each body is different and the last thing that you want is an unexpected experience during an already stressful situations. Your best bet is to keep anxiety treatments separate — and discuss your options with a trusted doctor.

K. Astre
K. Astre
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