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Is Cannabis for Losing Weight A Scam?

The Internet's Biggest Scam: How to Lose Weight Quickly

Websites and ads litter the internet with lofty promises on how to lose weight fast, burn more calories, reduce water weight, and improve insulin levels all without even changing what you’re eating. The promise lures in many people, every day, desperate for any weight loss tips they can find. However, if burning fat, stopping weight gain, and giving a nice boost to your metabolism is your goal, you will require more than lofty promises. You will require results.

Unfortunately, over the long term, it is not possible to adjust your weight without adjusting your lifestyle and bodily inputs–or, in simpler terms, improving your diet and level of exercise. This is not to say there are not methods to increase your benefits from lifestyle changes.

Successful Weight Loss

The most successful methods of weight loss are intersectional approaches. You must not adjust your lifestyle and diet so incredibly that you can only keep up the regimen for a short period of time. You must add subtle changes to your life that are manageable. If your methods are unmanageable, you may lose weight in the short term but your body will bounce back as soon as your former lifestyle returns.

Things that can control your weight include a number of hours of sleep, consumption of lean protein or lack thereof, nutritional value of food, level of empty calories consumed, regularity of cardio workouts and interval training, and chemical and endocannabinoid stability.

Medical Aspects of Weight

If your metabolism slows down often or you struggle to feel full, it is also possible there is a more complex reason for your struggle with weight, such as binge eating disorder which involves using food for coping with trauma and emotional fulfillment and security more than fulfilling appetite or a range of physical ailments.

There are many different medical approaches to weight gain as it has serious health connotations. There are medical approaches to controlling appetite that do not require dangerous diet pills or pricey, dangerous surgeries. One of these approaches is medical cannabis.

Medical Cannabis and Weight Loss

The reason for the ongoing joke about stoners and the munchies, is rooted in biological functions. Research shows that smoking marijuana triggers hunger mechanisms in our brain. Receptors in our brain cause a release of hormones that make us feel hungry. There is truth in the stoner stereotype, but some strains of marijuana and combining lifestyle changes with marijuana may actually cause weight loss.

Some studies have shown that smoking marijuana doesn’t lead to weight gain but instead weight loss. This does not mean medical cannabis is a sole solution for weight loss. If you do not exercise and have generally unhealthy eating habits, weed will not necessarily lower your BMI. But if you have a reasonable diet and level of exercise, you can possibly lose weight with the appetite suppressing and metabolism boosting effects of medical marijuana.

Furthermore, according to a 2011 study from the American Journal of Epidemiology, even if cannabis consumption increases appetite, “people using cannabis are less likely to be obese than people who do not use cannabis.” Other studies have shown cannabis users have trimmer waistlines and lower cholesterol levels than non-users.

Researchers speculate this is because of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound in the marijuana plant. In a study, researchers at the University of Calgary examined obese mice and mice at regular wight while giving both daily intakes of THC. The researchers found that while THC did not impact the mice at regular weight, it caused the obese mice to lose weight.

The University of Calgary researchers suggested this was due to how THC changes the gut microbiome that helps moderate weight loss and digestion. Studies in Poland, Italy, Hungary, Canada and How Do You Lose Weight?

If you are planning on setting incremental measures to change your lifestyle, with changes to your diet and level of exercise, CBD pure or CBD full spectrum with THC, if legal in your state and country, could be the little push you need to quicken and improve your weight loss results.

Before you acquire medical cannabis, you will require a doctor’s prescription. If you are in a state with easily accessible pure CBD, you can do so on your own accord. You may use THC or CBD with little to no risk in states and countries with legalized recreational cannabis as well.

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