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Smoking Cannabis and Weight Loss: Is There Enough Evidence?

How to Burn Fat smoking Weed

As the number of states where cannabis is legal grows and legal cannabis culture becomes more mainstream, people are starting to talk about the ways that regular cannabis use can impact on weight. While some people insist that it can aide weight loss, others argue that there is no evidence to support this.

The truth is that there has been little or no high quality research into this particular effect of cannabis. Some research has been conducted, but it has been of questionable quality at best and as a result, its findings are not believed to be conclusive.

Problems With the Research

One study examined the link between cannabis use and weight by studying the weight of two different groups. The first group (Group A) lived in a liberal state where cannabis was legal. The other group (Group B) lived in a much more conservative state in which cannabis was illegal.

What the study found was that the first group had a lower rate of obesity and lower risk of obesity related illnesses. However, these findings were very quickly discredited by a large proportion of the scientific community for the following reasons:

  • The study failed to take into account the very health conscious culture which is known to exist in the state to which Group A belonged.
  • It also failed to factor in the differences in weather and lifestyle. Group A lived in a state with very pleasant weather all year round and a very active outdoor lifestyle, while the Group B lived in a climate with extremely harsh winters.
  • Finally, the study did not account for the vast differences in socio-economic status and mean education levels between the two groups. Group A was more highly educated and on average, more affluent. Group B, on the other hand, had a higher proportion of citizens living on lower incomes and working in unskilled labor sectors.
  • Studies like this can be dangerous as they put forward findings which are based on low standards of research. By not taking into account the key differences between the two subject groups, the results of the study cannot be trusted.

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