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Cannabis and Weight Loss – The Facts

Medical Marijuana And Weight Loss Diets: The Facts

When you think of weight loss and diets you think Atkins diet, vegan diet, working out in the gym or even fasting. The last thing you may think of is a diet connected to cannabis. Why? Well cannabis is usually attributed to increased binge eating or “having the munchies” as it is known. However, the problem with this is that the munchies stereotype is always connected to the cannabis user that takes cannabis to get high and the “munchies” is a hunger-related side effect.

This is not necessarily the case for everyone. More studies are showing us that cannabis can improve our appetite and help us lose weight while using cannabis-based treatments that include CBD (cannabidiol) or medical cannabis without getting the user/patient high. This means people with eating disorders such as anorexia may have an aid in helping them battle their serious eating disorders in the near future. It is still down to the individual to eat better food and exercise. Any potential cannabis treatment can be treated like any other. It won’t cure anything without positive actions from the person concerned.

Does Cannabis Make You Lose Weight?

It has been discovered that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) the cannabinoid in cannabis that gets you high can decrease the weight of obese mice during a recent study but that it didn’t affect the mice that were thought to be regular weight. In this case, THC was given over a period of time before the results could be recorded. In this case, it would appear THC can halt the feeling of hunger which can lead to less eating and gradual weight loss. This has to lead a number of key researchers in the field of cannabis such as Cannabinologist Dr. Sunil Aggarwal to state that there’s a common connection between weight loss and the use of cannabis.

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