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Marijuana & Your Metabolism

Marijuana & Your Metabolism

By: Anabolic Aliens

Here are some facts about marijuana and your metabolism. First of all, you have a lower BMI generally if you use cannabis. You also have a lower body fat percentage and lower insulin levels. These are facts that we actually discovered as we were researching. They’re associated with marijuana use and they’ve actually contributed the fact that obesity rates among marijuana users are 1/3 lower than non marijuana users. Waist lines are up to 1.5 inches smaller on marijuana user’s. Cannabis also leads to better carbohydrate metabolism.That means your body is more rapidly up taking carbohydrates and breaking them down for energy. It has to do with the hormone ghrelin which activates the hunger hormone. It breaks down the carbohydrates.Marijuana use makes it less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. That being said, marijuana users on average eat 600 more calories per day than non marijuana users. People have lower LDL levels which is bad cholesterol and higher HDL which is the good cholesterol for your body.

The endocannabinoid system which is a network of cell receptors in our brain and body. It’s the major reason behind our appetites. When we’re hungry and endocannabinoid called an and amide is released and when you use marijuana its replaced by THC. The CBD deactivates the cb1 receptors and have been proven to reduce fat build-up inside arteries. CBD cannabinoid actually mitigates the metabolic dysregulation so all this being said basically the THC and the cannabinoids they’re counteracting each other. It’s important to also understand that there are different strands of marijuana it really depends on where the plant what actually is derived from plants some are higher in THC which is going to give you more of those negative effects meaning you be storing more fat per se or you’re going to be more hungry and the cannabinoid deactivation of that cb1 receptor in your brain is going to be less significant.

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