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Skin Care and Anti-Aging Studies

Intrinsic aging is known as the process of internal aging which we will all experience during our lives. This includes the decrease in collagen levels, elastin levels (how the skin manages healing itself) and dry skin. All of these factors will change the appearance of our skin.

Although the natural aging process can be beautiful in itself, some people would prefer to maintain their youthful appearance for as long as possible. Research has shown that CBD (cannabidiol) could be used as a strong anti-oxidant which could slow down the process of aging by lessening the impact of free radicals, and what they do to the skin.

Additionally, studies have shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory components too. This will also help the skin to stay calm and relaxed meaning that fine lines will not appear as vividly. It can reduce redness and even help with pimples.

Studies conducted on acne are very common and a lot of people will have had it at some stage. In fact, the majority of people that have experienced hormonal imbalances may also have experienced acne. Acne is the most noted skin condition in America and could affect up to 50 million U.S citizens a year. About 85% of those between the ages of 12 and 24 will experience acne, and as we know, it can cause plenty of distress and hurt one’s self confidence levels. As of late, the reduction of acne is now being tested with the use of CBD oils, creams and topical infused lotions.

There are many pharmaceutical drugs available for treating acne, although some can cause unwanted side effects. Notable things that can trigger an acne flare-up include stress, diet, chocolate, and certain types of medication. It is important to always take note of what may be causing your acne to become more prominent and what methods seems to calm it down.

Studies suggest have that CBD could reduce inflammation and cell growth in regards to acne. Therefore, the redness that appears along with acne, should be noticeably reduced. CBD or medical cannabis can target unhealthy cells whilst leaving healthy cells alone, which can reduce side effects such as irritated and dry skin. It may be worth noting that applying oils directly to the skin can often make acne worse.