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Role of Endocannabinoid Signaling in Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression and endocannabinoid signaling

Cannabinoids are recently known to modulate mood and emotional behaviors. This is due to current research on the endocannabinoid signaling for the treatment fo depression. CB1 receptor or the endogenous CB1 receptor ligands change in levels. These were observed in animal models (i.e mice/rats) who suffer from anxiety and/or depression.

Evidence indicates that the (ECS) – the endocannabinoid system plays a role in altering stress. A study conducted on 20 humans found that there was an increase in CB1 receptors. The results of this study confirmed that it provides evidence that endocannabinoid signaling can be and is changed.

Δ9-THC, also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the only psychoactive chemical compound found in the cannabis plant, which when consumed makes the user feel relaxed and a sense of euphoria. However, too much of this compound can induce anxiety. When introduced to test subjects (rats), it produced mixed effects mostly on mood-related behavior. Through this data, the study suggests that when prevention of cannabinoid signaling, it can either increases or does not affect anxiety or depressive behaviors.

Through the study, evidence suggests that when manipulation occurs in the endogenous cannabinoid system might be used to alleviate depressive symptoms and symptoms of anxiety. However, in some cases, medical cannabis treatment had variable effects on mood-related behavior.

The study is a promising one as it shows evidence that cannabis might be a novel therapeutic for the treatment of depression through the endocannabinoid metabolism modulators and the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

It’s important to note, that while the study’s results are promising, more in-depth studies and evaluations need to be conducted as there is not enough evidence and the potential side effects are still unknown.

Cannabis for anxiety and depression is available in some places for you to start treatment. If you wish to use it. Please consult your doctor before doing so.

Jonathan Neilly
Jonathan Neilly
Jonathan Neilly is registered with the British Psychological Society, breaking the taboo on mental health issues is one of the driving forces in his life. His background in biomedicine gives him additional understanding of the factors that work together to influence the human condition.

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