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Menstrual Pain in Young Women – What’s Dysmenorrhea?

Young women and menstrual pain, what's dysmenorrhea

This scientific study is based on the menstrual pain that woman suffer from on a monthly bases. The study explains what Dysmenorrhea is. It is a term giving to the pain that it felt during a woman’s period. This can also be called menstrual cramps and/or menstruation pains.

Study On Period Pains and Young Women

This study conducted a test on 408 young women. These women were given a survey with numerous questions in relation to their menstrual cycle. Through the study, 84.1% of woman reported menstrual pain. 43% state that they feel dysmenorrhea in every period they have while 41% stated that they only felt pain during some periods.

Here is the full scientific article if you wish to download it.

This, in turn, states that period pains are extremely common in women. However, some women suffer from severe pains, while other’s don’t. Dysmenorrhea can affect women so badly that they aren’t able to go about their daily lives. Since this happens on a monthly bases for them, it can be exhausting, draining and

What Is Dysmenorrhea? And What Causes It

Primary dysmenorrhea is when cramping pain appears in the lower abdomen that occurs before and during a menstrual period. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and pain-killers generally help fight the pain. CBD Oil (derived from the cannabis plant) can also work with period symptoms due to it’s anti-inflammatory and pain-killer properties. This form of treatment is great since is 100% natural and dosen’t contain any psychoactive compounds. In turn, meaning it dosen’t make you high. Dysmenorrhea is caused by excessive levels of:

  1. Orostaglandins (a group of lipids located on tissue damage or infection)
  2. Hormones that make your uterus expand and contract during menstruation

The pain results from these two hormones being released when the lining of the womb and/or uterus is shed and removed during a menstrual period. If you are suffering from severe menstrual pains, talk to your doctor about possible treatments. Also, inquire about CBD Oil and whether it will be effective in treating your period symptoms.

Jonathan Neilly
Jonathan Neilly
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