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The Effects of Anxiety of Marijuana Dependency

Anxiety Effects of Marijuana Therapy

Anxiety effects over 40 million people in the United States and it could be effecting them overcoming other difficulties. Image Credit: Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash

Cannabis treatments have started to become more popular at the end of last year and it looks like the interest is continuing for both major conditions such as cancer as well as chronic long term conditions such as arthritis and anxiety. If you are unfamiliar with cannabis treatments they are treatments made from the cannabis plant which can range from a simple joint (smoking parts of the leaves/bud of the plant) to an intricate oil (an oil extracted from the plant).

These treatments are becoming so popular these days, the future of cannabis treatment looks like it will be main streamed into our homes soon enough. Some innovative treatments are said to include CBD oil creams for burns and acne to drinks and edibles for recreational use.

However, it should be pointed out that while cannabis based treatments may be legal in some states in very specific forms they are not legal everywhere. You can seek advice from your state advisory in regards to legality and we also advise you seek professional medical advice from a doctor when considering the use of any cannabis treatment for medical reasons.

Anxiety – What Is It Really?

If you ever have anxiety you will understand that it makes you feel nervous or uneasy but most importantly, you feel like this for “some reason”. In other words you feel off but you don’t know why, which in turn can lead to you feeling even more anxious and even fearful. Depending on the person and certain situations these feelings of anxiety can be mild or very severe.

One of the bad things about anxiety can also be considered a good thing these days. That is that everyone has experienced anxiety in some way, at some point in their lives. This is good because it is becoming more understood as a legitimate concern. However, its bad because we don’t know what all the specific contributing factors of this disorder are. Is it completely genetic? Is it a simple nervous disorder we feel in certain social or private situations? Luckily further study is being carried out into this condition so more direct treatments and types of therapy can be considered for future use.

What are the symptoms of Anxiety?
When considering the symptoms of anxiety it is best to start with the symptoms of a general anxiety disorder as you will find these symptoms cross over into other disorders such as social anxiety disorder and others. These symptoms are:

General Anxiety Disorder Symptoms
Feeling SickSweating Badly
Shortness of BreathSleep Issues
Heart PalpitationsStomach Ache
Pins & NeedlesDry Mouth
TensionMuscle Aches

How Does Anxiety Effect Us When Trying To Quit Marijuana?

The study in question focuses on anxiety and its involvement in treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) & motivation enhancement therapy (MET) and how it (anxiety) effects these treatments for patients trying to get off marijuana. It is available at the bottom of the article if you wish to view or download it. In other words, how badly does anxiety effect people trying to get off marijuana, because they are dependent on it, when using CBT or MET? The study was conducted over a period of 9 months with over 400 patients participating who where dependent on marijuana.

The four questions being examined during the study are:

(1) is greater anxiety associated with greater impairment at baseline;
(2) is baseline anxiety related to greater marijuana use and problems following treatment;
(3) does adding cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to motivation enhancement therapy (MET) reduce anxiety relative to MET alone;
(4) are reductions in anxiety associated with better outcomes.

The Marijuana Study Findings
The study was carried out professionally with proper gauging of patients before, during and after the study to ensure a fair and proper study was conducted. The study found that while patients where at a baseline level of the treatments mentioned above, anxiety was linked to an increase in marijuana related problems. While not explicitly stated this problem could be related to increased use of marijuana, as this would be a problem for those trying to get off it.

Further more, lower anxiety levels in patients was connected to less marijuana use. In this case increased marijuana use actually made these marijuana dependent patients feel more anxious which was theorized above. However the study concluded that although this coloration was monitored it is too early to suggest that different levels of marijuana use can be solely responsible in this case to different levels of anxiety being experienced.

The study also concluded that in regards to getting these patients off marijuana, the combination of both CBT & MET proved more effective and managed to keep anxiety levels lower. Therefore you could say positive enforcement and thinking, combined with motivation, is good for helping with marijuana dependency. It should be noted that this is currently a study and if you wish to reduce your marijuana use in any way, you should first consult with a doctor or register medical professional.

Here is the full scientific article if you wish to download it.

Jonathan Neilly
Jonathan Neilly
Jonathan Neilly is registered with the British Psychological Society, breaking the taboo on mental health issues is one of the driving forces in his life. His background in biomedicine gives him additional understanding of the factors that work together to influence the human condition.

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