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CBD Reduces Cigarette Consumption In Tobacco Smokers

Reducing Cigarette Consumption Using CBD

Trying to stop smoking? It's hard to believe that CBD might help.

This study linked the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and nicotine addiction. To investigate the connection they gathered a group of smokers that wished to stop smoking. These smokers were randomized into two groups. One group had CBD inhalers, one group had placebo inhalers. Placebos are used to the smokers don’t know which group they are in. This helps remove any psychological effects which may make the results unreliable. The group was 50% female, and each participant smoked over 10 cigarettes per day. They were all aged 18-35 years old with no history of drug use or health problems. The inhaler was used every time the person felt like smoking.

CBD inhalers reduce cigarette cravings

By the end of the week the smokers used the CBD inhalers, the number of cigarettes smoked dropped. This drop equaled about 40%. That means that by using a CBD inhaler every time they wanted a cigarette, they reduced the number of cigarettes smoked in a week by 40%. This is a much bigger decline in cigarette use than the authors expected.

Here is the full scientific article if you wish to download it.

Using either CBD inhaler or placebo inhaler reduced anxiety

This suggests that the ritual plays a big role in cravings. It’s possible that by replacing smoking with the CBD inhaler use, the “ritual” was replaced by something that is equally satisfying.

Nicotine craving for CBD inhaler users didn’t increase

This aspect is a big one. When you don’t smoke for a while, the more time you spend between smokes, the larger the nicotine craving becomes. By using the CBD inhaler, the smokers were able to smoke less, yet their bodies’ need for nicotine didn’t increase. This suggests that using a CBD inhaler should make it easier to quit smoking as craving intensity won’t change as much as it would if you stopped suddenly.

Jonathan Neilly
Jonathan Neilly
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