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CBD Can Help Curt Cardiac Dysfunction

Amedican College of Cardiology JACC Journals

This study investigated the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) on the heart. Specifically, the dysfunctioning heart. CBD has already been approved for treatment in Canada for inflammation, pain, and some of the symptoms of MS. One of the biggest positive elements of it in comparison to other treatments is the absence of side effects when taken regularly for long periods. The purpose of the study was to discover whether or not CBD protects the heart in those with diabetes.

Diabetes Damages The Heart, But How?

Diabetic cardiomyopathy is the name for the disorder of the heart muscle caused by diabetes. This reduces how effective your heart is at pumping blood. It also is connected to an increase in oxidative damage. Oxidative damage is something antioxidants prevent.

High sugar levels are one cause of the oxidative damage and oxidative stress. Inflammation and cell death come from oxidative stress. In turn, this leads to myocardial fibrosis. Myocardial fibrosis is the abnormal thickening of the heart which can lead to heartbeat irregularity, along with many other problems.

Here is the full scientific article if you wish to download it.

CBD treatment reduced oxidative-nitrative stress

A mentioned above, oxidative stress can be pretty serious.The researchers found that CBD treatment reduced inflammation, cell death and fibrosis and oxidative stress. This may be because CBD has potent antioxidant properties. CBD also has big anti-inflammatory effects which have been well recorded in other research articles. In this case, they note that CBD may reduce inflammation in cases where other anti-inflammatories aren’t very effective (e.g. arthritis).

CBD was able to reverse some of the damage

CBD reversed some of the damage when given to subjects that already had heart damage from diabetes. However, the damage reversal was notably less than the damage that was prevented by taking CBD before the onset of diabetes.

Jonathan Neilly
Jonathan Neilly
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