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Cannabis In Painful HIV-Associated Sensory Neuropathy

HIV assicated nephropathy pain and cannabis

The dominant symptom in HIV-SN is a pain, most often described as “Aching,” “Painful numbness,” or “Burning.” Hyperalgesia and allodynia are common, while weakness is rare and usually confined to the intrinsic foot muscles.

The utility of anti-epileptic drugs, which are meant to relieve neuropathic pain, is limited by the unfavourable interaction of antiretrovirals with drugs. For example, carbamazepine saicin cream was as effective as a placebo used for pain relief from HIV-SN. Tricyclic antidepressants have not been any more beneficial than placebos as well in this regard. Exogenous cannabinoids and endogenous cannabinoid system, both of these have been demonstrated to have pain-relieving and analgesic effects, according to comprehensive preclinical research.

Here is the full scientific article if you wish to download it.

There has been an increase in the interest of studying the effectiveness of smoking cannabis as a way of treating chronic neuropathic pain. This increased interest has been brought on by the need for variation in potent therapeutic options. There is a need to create a standardized reference point for the individual rating of persistent pain for every patient. This reference point, meant specifically for patients suffering from chronic pain as a result of HIV-Sn,is created when anexperimental pain model included in the assessment of smoked cannabis.

In regards to painful DSP which was HIV related, the lamotrigine had an NNT of 5.4. The NNT was reported to be a success with gabapentin for one group of investigators. But the data analysis of these investigators didn’t allow calculation for an NNT. The current study can be compared to the one which dealt with trials of gabapentin meant to treat different forms of persistent neuropathic pain.

A recent meta-analysis of 107 controlled trials for neuropathic pain showed that only tricyclic antidepressants and higher potency opioids consistently achieved NNT values lower than clic antidepressants were not effective.

Even though studies show the efficacy of trichy Opioids when dealing with a wide range of neuropathic pain disorders, but there has not been any methodical evaluation for painful HIV-SN.

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Jonathan Neilly
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