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Cannabidiol and Anxiety

CBD and Anxiety

Initial research performed in the 1980s hinted that CBD could have sedative and anti-anxiety properties. This lead to more focussed research into the possible use of CBD as an anti-anxiety treatment. In treatment of anxiety, it followed a bell-shaped dose-response curve. This means taking too much or too little, has a reduced, or no effect.

Here is the full scientific article if you wish to download it.

Main points:

  • CBD has anti-anxiety functions. In multiple studies, CBD was able to reduce anxiety. The majority of studies used different methods for testing this. Each investigation’s method for creating anxiety being different. This means that with the causes for each study’s anxiety being different, it’s more reasonable to assume that CBD treats a wider spectrum of anxieties than standard treatments. Though this is not proven and is only speculation.
  • CBD may also help with insomnia. Insomnia is a common result of anxiety. CBD in some trials was found to help improve sleep. However, this was not a common finding, and really needs more research. Some scientists think that because of the way CBD works, it may actually improve alertness.
  • CBD may work through the serotonin receptor. This is a little complicated. Generally, depression and anxiety are not well understood. Each case varies so much and the treatments that have an effect, or don’t have any effect, can be wildly different, too. Serotonin however, is thought to be one of the factors involved in both conditions. A deficiency in serotonin being a common factor. If CBD were to work by mimicking serotonin, it would make the body act as if there were no lack of serotonin. Preventing any effects.

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