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PTSD and Fear Studies

Post traumatic stress disorder is a form of anxiety which is caused by experiencing a traumatic event. This is not a new condition. In fact, there is a long history of PTSD throughout the 20th century. The first half of the 1900’s saw soldiers return from consecutive world wars showing the symptoms of what we now call, PTSD. Back then, people referred to the condition as shell shock, and had little or no understanding of it. Soldiers who suffered from severe cases were abandoned by society, unable to maintain employment and often living on the streets.

Thankfully, times have changed and our knowledge of PTSD is a good deal more extensive. However, one thing which hasn’t changed has been our association between veterans and PTSD. It is certainly true that PTSD is very common among veterans, but also that they only represent a portion of PTSD patients today.

There are a great many causes of trauma in the modern world. A car accident can be traumatic for some people. Others can find earthquakes, sexual assault, robberies or domestic violence traumatic. Displaced peoples, refugees and others living in constant fear for their physical safety commonly suffer from PTSD.

The current treatment for PTSD usually combines anti-anxiety medications with talk therapies. Although these medications can be highly effective for some patients, they can be much less so for others. Talk therapies, such as psychotherapy, also produce excellent results for some patients, while others simply aren’t comfortable with opening up to a therapist about their experiences.

For some years, many PTSD patients have been treating their condition at home with cannabis. Their reports of its effects have been so overwhelmingly promising that researchers have begun scientific investigation into the potential of a cannabis-based medication for PTSD.