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Would You Give Your Dog Medicinal Pot?

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Medicinal marijuana is rapidly becoming a part of mainstream medicine.

Medical Weed

More and more, the use of cannabis in a medical context is becoming increasingly accepted and well known. On top of this, recreational cannabis use has lost all of the propagandistic stigmas that were a holdover from the days of ‘Reefer Madness’. Weed, is without a doubt, an established part of the daily discourse. However, how do you feel about weed for your dog? Ridiculous, but soon, this idea could be as commonly accepted as medicinal marijuana.

Pot For Your Pup

Amy Paulin, an Assemblywoman for Westchester County, New York, tabled legislation that could see you giving pot to your pupper. Her bill says that “Medical marijuana has helped countless people in the management and treatment of chronic and debilitating illnesses.Research suggests that animals can also benefit from cannabis use to similarly treat their ailments.”

This idea isn’t only being considered in New York, across the USA, from Nevada to California, legislators are considering legalising medical marijuana for animals. Chronic illnesses in animals can be treated with cannabis much in the same that it is used to treat human patients.

“Animal owners and caregivers would, therefore, be given an alternative option to alleviate their pets’ pain,” Paulin’s bill said. The legalisation of medicinal cannabis for pets could allow owners to further treatment after traditional medical practices have failed.

Battle To Legalise

The battle to legalise medicinal cannabis for animals may face a fight as intense as the fight to legalise medicinal marijuana for humans! The bill is facing opposition from Governor Andrew Cuomo and other members of the Legislature, and thus far the measure hasn’t secured a sponsor in the Senate. The powers that be had to be cajoled into any measures related to marijuana in the past and any expansion of weed laws (even if its only for pets) will be regarded with great caution.

New York started to allow the prescription of medical marijuana in a non-smokeable from in January of 2016, however since then the program has stalled and struggled. To counter this push back the state has allowed the list of cannabis-treated conditions to be expanded, allowed nurses to prescribe weed, and are hoping to double the number of dispensaries in the state from 40 to 80

The Debate Goes On

The debate surrounding medicinal and recreational cannabis is far from over. Though many states in the US have legalised it in some capacity, at a federal level it remains illegal. This fight is far from over, but who knows, in the near future cannabis users may be able to share their favorite herb with their furry friends.

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