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What To Look For When Buying THC Oil

What to look for when purchasing THC Oil

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Online can be a bit bombarding at times especially considering the fact that we live in a generation of information overload. Due to all of this information and a wide variety and choice of products there ends up being so many different brands, types and products for sale. The options are endless. On the other hand, since there is so much crime and scamming online, it’s important to also be able to trust the website that you are getting your supply from.

If you are looking for the perfect THC oil for you, it can be a bit of a gruelling process and pretty stressful at times too. Sometimes it’s even ironic considering that THC is meant to help with stress and in the end, it can sometimes cause it when you’re looking for the right one. This article hopes to improve your THC oil shopping experience.

What To Consideration When Buy THC Oil

While a lot of people smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes medical professionals don’t recommend this. There are so many other methods of taking medical marijuana. Other methods are:

  1. Vape Pens (or Vaporization)
  2. Edibles (like brownies)
  3. In Tinctures (placing the oil under your tongue

If you are on a website you want to make sure that you find the keyword “bud”. You want to make sure that the person you are buying your THC oil from only uses cannabis plants and no other trimmings or leaves from other plants (this is a common method used, mainly in the black market to “bulk up” their produce to gain more profit but this is not good for the consumer considering you’re not getting your money’s worth.

How Much THC Oil Should I Take? (Ratios)

When you buy THC oil online you also need to consider your ratios i.e (high THC and low CBD). The ratio 0:1 is the highest and 1:0 is the lowest. Since THC oil is used for medical purposes to treat ailments your doctor or medical professional would have told you which ratios of CBD and/to THC you should be taking to help treat your ailment. You should be very strict with these ratios because they are set in place for a reason.

The ideal ratio differs from person to person based on their medicinal needs and taking into account their height and body weight and how severe their ailment is. If you want to learn more about dosing, you can click here. It will also give you a rough estimate on what dosing is right for you.
Before you think of purchasing THC oil online please read up on your cannabis legislation, laws and anything else regarding the legalization of the plant.

  • The Cannabis plant is regarded as an A class or B class drug all around the world. Some countries are not black in white with their legislation.
  • Spain allows you to grow one plant per household. You can smoke marijuana for recreational use in the privacy of your own home but, if you are caught with a certain amount of cannabis on your person, you can be fined a certain amount of money or imprisoned.
  • The United Kingdom and in France, they have extremely strict laws and regulations regarding growing, purchasing, or using cannabis. So please check these laws by country and by state.

When purchasing THC oil, the number one thing that should be on your mind is your health. Always be cautious of the website that you are purchasing from by checking out their information and whether it is detailed or vague as this might indicate whether they are legitimate or not. There is so much choice regarding CBD and THC products so always make sure that you do your research and double, if not triple, check it.

Niamh Tumilty
Niamh Tumilty
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