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What Is CBD Vaping? How It Could Be Right for You

Is Vaping Right for You

There are roughly 5000 chemicals in a single cigarette which has severe negative effects on your body. It is widely understood people are becoming more health conscientious and concerned about what they are putting into their bodies. This is why vaporizers are becoming so popular as people are making the switch from smoking cigarettes as it is considered a better alternative. No one is claiming that vaping is the healthiest thing in the world, but compared to tobacco products it is better. While there’s not much research on the possible side effects of vaping, scientists know that vaping isn’t as bad as smoking cigarettes. This is one of the main reasons as to why people are using it to aid them in giving up cigarettes. Smoking is a vicious cycle of habits and one of the main addictive tendencies of cigarettes is not the nicotine but the act of smoking itself.

Instead of filling your lungs with damaging chemicals and a build of or tar, you can switch to vaping which is essentially liquid mist. There are also a number of different vape oils on the market today such as beginner/starter vape packs, various types of vape pens, vaporizers, flavors oils, nicotine levels, CBD levels and more. If you’re not sure about vaping, it’s best that you seek advice from your doctor and do your own research on the topic.

Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking Cigarettes?

The cost of cigarettes for the average American smoker is $38 a week. Over the course of a year, this leads to roughly $10’000. But is vaping going to be a cheaper alternative? Well, it depends on how much you currently smoke. The more you smoke, the more you’ll vape, which means the more vape oil you’ll need to stock up on.

While the cost starting to vape may be quite more than a packet of cigarettes, once you’ve started vaping you will find your wallet will be a lot happier. To begin with, a good vaporizer will probably cost around $60. After that, though you will only need to spend maybe between 10 or 15 dollars a week for the maintenance of the vaporizer along with the oil itself. Keep in mind that high-end vaporizers (roughly $70 upwards) demand more parts, i.e coils, glass containers (tanks), and batteries. They also need regular cleaning. However, it’s sure to last you a good few years if you look after it well.

While cheaper vaporizers, (roughly $20 to $60) also require a regular clean, their spare parts (like the higher-end vapes) and the oils are much cheaper. Vaping oils also have various price ranges from $2-$5 up to depending on how much you vape compared to how much you may have smoked.

If you want to start vaping and are looking for guidance on purchasing your first vape pen, there are plenty of starter packs available ranging from $15 to $100. These include everything from your battery, charger, tank, two coils and the vaporizer itself. These starter packs are more cost-effective than buying everything separately. The only separate item you’ll have to purchase is the vape oil. Vape oils come in 10ml and 30ml bottles, they can be nicotine free or contain a certain mg of nicotine, they come in a range of flavors from cigarettes flavors to candy, fruit, menthol, and more. On average, vape oils cost $6 a week.

CBD Vape Oil – Is it for You?

CBD oil (an abbreviation for Cannabidiol) has increased in popularity in recent months due to studies indicating that it contains medical therapeutics. CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, but it doesn’t contain any psychoactive effects (doesn’t makes you high). There are many ways to ingest CBD such as through CBD-infused topical creams, tinctures, CBD-infused food, beverages, capsules/pills, and more. However, CBD vape oil is increasing in popularity more so because people who have used it describe it as having an almost instantaneous effect.

Vaping CBD is said to be a quick and prolonged effect in treating a range of ailments due to the possible therapeutic effects it holds. Many use CBD vape oil to reduce anxiety, pain, depression and to promote a good nights sleep. However, with all of this being said, it’s important to note that preclinical and clinical studies are still ongoing when it comes to cannabis, CBD oil and vaping, as we are still unsure about the possible side effects.

If you are already using a different method of consuming CBD, it could be worth trying the vaping method. This is because studies have indicated that vaping CBD maximizes the effects of it. For example, CBD edibles, pills and capsules go through your digestive tract and can take up to an hour for it to enter your bloodstream. Vaping, on the other hand, enters your lungs and is directly diffused into your bloodstream. To add, this makes distribution more effective.

Vape oil from a registered vendor only contains 4 ingredients. These are vegetable glycerin, food-grade flavoring, propylene glycol, and sometimes nicotine or CBD. Of course not inhaling anything into your body is probably the safest thing but switching to vaping is still undeniably better than cigarettes. But, if you’re looking to treat an ailment, or you just want to feel more relaxed during a busy day, CBD oil might be an option for you. Vaping CBD allows you to play around with, test and control your dosages. While there’s no definite answer to how much CBD should you take, it means that it’s all down to trial and error and how it reacts with your body. In saying this, it’s better to start with lower doses and work your way up slowly. It’s even better if you consult your local physician or other medical professionals for a better indication of what is best.

Keep in mind that, while you still are not allowed to vape everywhere in public space, compared to smoking you have a lot more freedom. Finally, making the switch from smoking to vapes is only one step in helping you kick the habit. Talk to your doctor to seek further advice and discuss what vaping device will be right for you with a registered vendor.

Niamh Tumilty
Niamh Tumilty
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