Urban Outfitters May Be The Best Place to Buy CBD Beauty

CBD products on sale at Urban outfitters.

The retailer is best known for trendy fashion, but now carries a wide selection of CBD products. Image Credit: By Ink Drop on shutterstock.

Urban Outfitters has long attracted a young, hip clientele looking for the latest trends, so the fact its latest offering is an array of ultra-trendy CBD merchandise should come as little surprise. However, just how comprehensive and wide the UO CBD assortment is — there are more than 70 products currently available on its site — shows that the cannabinoid may be more than a passing fad.

Back in April, the company entered into an agreement with iAnthus Holdings (a cannabis company based in New York), to begin selling CBD products in-store and online. It wasn’t the first time UO store shelves have featured CBD products (in 2018, the company struck a deal with CBD brand Soul Addict to sell a handful of skin care products), but the new deal signalled just how much UO was willing to bet on CBD. While the company itself avoided making public comments about the move, its partner, a brand called CBD For Life, was much more enthusiastic about spreading the news.

“Our partnership with Urban Outfitters represents a major step forward for CBD For Life, placing us in one of the United States’ most successful retail chains that also serves as a tastemaker for the rest of the retail market,” the brand’s COO said in a statement.

The market certainly seems to already have a taste for CBD — Wall Street analysts now categorize cannabis beauty as its own product category, and more than 25 million Americans are expected to use it by 2025. At the same time, the prevalence of shoddily-made products and inflated claims have led to some argue that CBD beauty is a scam, and once-credulous reviewers are starting to a more skeptical view as the backlash against CBD beauty grows

Still, for those who are set on giving it a try for themselves, Urban Outfitters is a surprisingly good place to start.

The Best CBD On Sale At Urban Outfitters

There are a startling number of CBD lines now offered at UO, from well-known brands like Kush Queen, CBDfx, and Cannuka to niche companies like Uncle Bud’s and Sagely Naturals. There’s an equally diverse range of products — while UO isn’t exactly known for its literary offerings, they’re now featuring books like “The CBD Kitchen,” which contains over 50 recipes for CBD-infused foods, and health-oriented resources like “Cannabis and CBD for Health and Wellness,” which, full disclosure, was written by cannabisMD medical expert Dr. Junella Chin.

But the main stars of UO’s CBD show are the skin care products, as one might expect. And while many retailers that have recently embraced CBD have limited their selection to a handful of products, UO has taken the opposite approach. Shoppers will find everything from CBD coconut oil to eye serums to face masks. There are also bath salts, body oils, and whatever an “active botanical essence” is. Can you find massage oils? Yes. Body rollers? Certainly. Muscle rubs and acne patches? That’s an affirmative on both, to say nothing of the lip scrubs, body scrubs, and face creams.

Like many CBD skin care products, these can come with hefty price tags. The Cannabliss Organic Revitalizing Serum goes for $120, while the aforementioned active botanical essence from Kana will set you back $85. However, UO also offers a number of options on the lower end of the price spectrum, like CBD for Life’s Face & Body Cleanser ($17) or Uncle Bud’s Topical Muscle Rub ($11). 

However, it would be a stretch to say that UO is a CBD utopia. For one thing, most of the selection is only available online — just a handful of stores in New York and California will have CBD products on their shelves for the foreseeable future. There’s also the fact that, despite the wide range of skin care topicals, popular items like CBD gummies and other edibles are nowhere to be found. That’s not necessarily OU’s fault (since CBD edibles are still technically illegal according to the Food and Drug Administration, which has led to all-out bans on them in New York and elsewhere), but it still means shoppers can’t count on fulfilling all their CBD needs in one stop.

But those who are looking for a CBD-infused sheet mask, bath bomb, and candle all in the same place (and possibly some free shipping) might find that Urban Outfitters ticks all the right boxes.

Kerri Louise Watt
Kerri Louise Watt
Kerri Louise Watt is an experienced health and fitness advisor with 20 years of martial arts under her belt. She reports on the healthy lifestyle revolving around CBD and its future potential in fitness. You can find her work at kerrilouisewatt.com.

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