15 Uses for Hemp Products You Need to Hear

15 Different things you can use hemp products for

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There is nothing new about hemp products. Hemp is an incredibly under appreciated material that can create life changing products. Keep reading to learn more.

If there has ever been an unsung hero of the textile industry, it’s hemp products. And that’s partly because it’s good for so much more than just textiles.

Everything from medicine to dietary supplements, plastics, materials and paper is possible. And, what’s more, with modern production techniques being what they are, there are better quality hemp items on the market now than ever before.

Join us, today, as we take a closer look at the hemp industry, and 15 of its most impressive product categories.

1. Treatment Of Eczema and Psoriasis

Hemp oils are fantastic for use in the treatment of various skin conditions.

A lot of this has to do with the ratio of Omega 3 levels to Omega 6, compared to other oils. These are much higher than what you might find in other products, and both work wonders for soothing out irritated and raised skin.

With an avalanche of other great vitamins and key amino acids, hemp oil works against dry skin conditions by moistening your skin.

2. Body Lotion

Hemp is also completely at home on a cosmetics shelf, as opposed to being solely a medication. Body lotions made with hemp products use the oils in these to remove the harmful chemicals usually required to moisturize your skin.

Owing to its natural ability to soak into your skin better and work against dermatitis, hemp oils are almost always a safe bet in body lotions.

While hemp products are comfortable, its ability to heal burns, ringworm and bug bites makes it helpful in more serious situations, as well.

3. Body Wash

In addition to superior moisturizing, hemp makes for excellent soap.

This is owing to its high fatty acid content. Soaps made with these oils remain smooth for longer and dry out less often than others.

Moreover, in a world where cosmetic products have longer lists of ingredients than ever, hemp body products are a welcome change. Because EFA (the above-mentioned essential fatty acid) works so well, these body soaps can reduce their ingredients. Not only this, but it’s easier for them to use organic ingredients, as well, as these won’t clash with the equally-organic hemp compounds.

4. Shampoo and Conditioner

Hemp CBD shampoo uses the CBD oil along with natural ingredients to produce a lush, luxuriant shampoo.

And it works exceptionally well.

Hemp CBD uses its aforementioned omega 3-to-omega 6 to create a frothy, smooth shampoo that locks in moisture. The compound uses its moisturizing oils to retain water, further increasing your hair’s natural glossy look.

Similarly, conditioners use the oils in hemp products to create natural, bouncy body you won’t find with standard products.

5. Facial Cleanser

Are you someone who suffers from blemishes and acne?

For sensitive skin, hemp seed oil can work wonders for soothing and cleansing. While it reduces inflammation and flushes out impurities, its natural oils help to balance out the overall oil content in your face.

Hemp products are animal and gluten-free, so that concern goes out the window. And the added natural nutrient content means your face comes out clean, without feeling stripped, dry, or taught.

Finally, owing to its high levels of antioxidants, there’s also a lot of benefits from hemp products to prolong your skin condition well into old age.

While medical cannabis is a popular category for hemp use, it’s nice to know it’s also incredibly effective as a cosmetic. With elements proven to slow cell damage, regular usage can actually help to help you to look younger.

6. Lip Balm

The entire point of a lip balm is to apply something that penetrates the dry layer of skin that forms on your upper and bottom lip.

Hemp’s natural oils help it work its way through the epidermis of your lip, to get at the skin below. From there, the balm’s healing properties go to work, fixing cracks, cuts and fissures brought about from overly-dry lips.

As the balms are also often infused with additional herbs and vitamins, the entire experience becomes an exercise in self-care.

7. Massage Oil

Imagine the perfect massage oil.

Are you imagining something that soaks easily into your skin? A product that glides across your epidermis easily, while keeping you moisturized and working in those vitamins?

If any of those sounds like the ticket, you’re imagining hemp massage oil. Achieving high-end results without unnecessary chemicals, hemp products also incorporate natural ingredients. Look out for avocado, grape seed and jojoba profiles for some truly unique combinations.

8. Clothing

Moving away from the exhaustive list of skincare products available, we find one of the most popular uses for hemp products: clothing.

The benefits of hemp fabrics have been well documented. It’s a porous material, which makes it extremely breathable, unlike synthetics, which may cause you to sweat. And, unlike its earlier years, the refining process has come a long way, meaning clothing no longer looks like thick, crocheted “island wear”.

Cotton blends make for standard-looking shirts you won’t be able to tell apart from shirts off the rack. Thicker hemp fibres, meanwhile, make for an exact denim replica.

No matter the construction, hemp clothing is extremely durable and sustainable. This means you’re buying into eco-friendly living with each item you buy.

9. Shoes

As the weed industry grows in popularity, every year more shoe brands are bringing recycled hemp products. With their durability and versatility, it’s no wonder huge names from Nike to Adidas are rushing to releasing hemp sneakers.

The softness of hemp materials means shoes wear easily, without irritation around the heel. Blends, meanwhile, make for shoes that look every bit as good as anything you’ve ever worn. You’ll find everything from boat shoes to fashionable lace-ups, as well as a plethora of high-tops, slipper shoes, and heels.

With the standard earth-first manifesto of many hemp shoe companies, you can expect to see some innovative designs, as well. Look out for 3D printed soles and repurposed plastics to bring out the best in your footwear.

10. Accessories

Buying into alternative clothing materials like hemp is a life choice, and most people who do will tell you so.

That said, no outfit is ever complete without the right accessories.

In recent years, everything from sunglasses to neckties, handbags, bracelets and hats has made it to the market, and the result looks great. As we’ve mentioned, cotton blends and advanced mass production make for accessories that look like anything you’d buy in a store.

Completely sustainable ingredients make these items a truly green choice, as well. And because this ethos informs the production overall, you know you’re buying from a company that practices what they preach.

11. Detergent

Of course, after you’ve bought your hemp shirt and your hemp pants and a couple of good hemp beanies, you’re going to want to keep all of them clean.

Natural hemp detergent has been proven to work as well as conventional brands. With its effective cleaning and natural ingredients, this is a product that works hard and leaves a scant carbon footprint.

12. Paper

One of the more widely-covered uses for hemp byproducts is creating paper.

Much like with traditional paper production, the fibres of this plant are broken down, processed and refined into a mulch. The refined product is bleached, pressed and cut to size, and arrives as good looking, perfectly serviceable paper.

Hemp, which hasn’t always enjoyed the rosiest of reputations, is known for the high quality of its paper, among so many other things.

13. Plastic

Producing plastic is another use of hemp that has suffered due to prohibitions against farming the plant. While plastic products produced this way are actually extremely durable, the cost of this plant counts against it. It might be cheaper if farming were deregulated.

Along with its dozens of other uses, recent developments have lead to hemp being included in 3D printing filaments. These cartridges could be filled up with this durable, sustainable material, then used to create any number of useful items.

14. Ropes

If there’s any product where sturdy construction is a must, it’s ropes and fasteners.

Hemp fibers have been used to create incredibly strong ropes for use in everything from farming to rock climbing and even war for many years. These cables are less expensive to manufacture, while being as strong as traditional ropes — or even stronger.

15. Weight Loss

In addition to its numerous other uses, hemp is actually extraordinarily effective at helping people to lose weight.

Hemp seeds are ground up or eaten whole and work wonders for digestion.

Keeping eaters regular is just the start, though. Some dieters use hemp’s increased levels of protein to help boost their metabolism. This is an effective way to burn through fat quicker and, over time, can help to achieve amazing results.

Obviously, every diet should be matched with an effective exercise plan, but you could do much worse than hemp seeds to help yourself lose weight.

Experience the Benefits of Hemp Products

There are few materials in the world as strong, versatile and environmentally friendly as hemp. With production being refined every day, the possibilities are endless, and the future looks bright.

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