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CBD and THC Infused Craft Beers Iced Coffees and Teas

CBD THC Infused Craft Beers

With recent cannabinoid research, the creation of both medical and recreational products have sky skyrocketed. The future seems to be, think of a product and simply add cannabis. One such company doing this is a company called Cannabiniers.

They sell themselves as a healthy food company with tech and brand managements attributes too. Other company’s involved in spearheading this innovative beverage market change are BrewBudz & Brewbound who some could say have added a niche edge to the already popular and somewhat saturated craft beer market.

We are dedicated to offering healthy and sustainable products to the cannabis community while meeting the expectations of our customers with quality products that are good for you and good for the earth.

What is Cannabis Infused Beer?
A cannabis infused beer is a beer that contains the traditional ingredients associated with beer (hops, water and yeast) but also included cannabis extracts. The first cannabis infused beers relied on combining marijuana oil with the beer however new methods are becoming popular which use the stalks, roots and stems of the actual cannabis plant itself. Some beers end up being non-alcoholic beverages during the creation process but still provide a high for the user as a unique selling point. Although a high may be your desired outcome, like any beer, moderation and sensible drinking is required as too much of anything can be bad for you. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so do its

What is Cannabis Infused Iced Coffees?
A cannabis infused iced coffee is an iced coffee which contains the normal ingredients found within a normal coffee however it is either chilled or taken over ice with cannabis extract added. Depending on the brewer and the customers the cannabis can be added to a normal coffee similar to milk or purchased as part of a pre-made blend. Unlike cannabis based beer most cannabis infused iced coffees will only contain CBD oil which can be found in either the cannabis or hemp plants. Further more while a beer can be taken to get high, coffees are devoid of an effective THC property and a cannabis based coffee should be considered as more of a supplement based ice coffee.

What is Cannabis Infused Teas?
Similar to cannabis based coffee and beer, cannabis infused tea includes the normal everyday blend of a specific tea combined with cannabis leaves. The difference here being that the cannabis and tea are both in similar conditions (dried tea and cannabis leaves) before consumption and are both blended for consumption in the same way at the same time. This type of tea does have the potential to get the drinker high however as the dried cannabis leaves will react to the hot water and start the process in which THC becomes psychoactive. What should be considered is how high can a cannabis tea get you? The answer to this all depends on how much someone drinks, how the tea is blended (at home may be a crude blend to get someone high) or what dosage of THC is provided in an already prepared branded tea.

Regardless of legality and branding we advise anyone who wishes to take cannabis infused beers, iced coffees or teas to consult with a registered medical professional or doctor before doing so to ensure there are no potential medical issues to be experienced i.e. heart palpitations.

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