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Tattoos for Scars Using CBD – Cancer Survivors

Cancer Survivors beauty trend in scar tattoos

A Beauty Trend With a Deeper Purpose

In the past we associated tattoos with punk rockers, bikers and gang members. Tattoos were seen as something that would hold you back in life, prevent you from getting that dream job, and ruin your wedding photos. But oh, how times have changed.

Today the global tattoo industry is estimated to be worth about 50 billion dollars, according to Reuters. If this wasn’t impressive enough, the value of the industry is growing annually by over 10%.

Clearly, tattoos are now more popular than they’ve ever been. In 2012, 21% of people in the United States had tattoos. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 36% of those between the and of 18 and 29 had them. Studies indicate that these numbers are rising dramatically.

One of the most interesting emerging tattoo trends is that known as scar tattoos. These are tattoos which are created on scarred skin. Some people use the tattoos to hide their scars and the surrounding skin, while others incorporate the scar into the design itself.

In particular, the trend seems to have really captured the attention of cancer survivors. Women who have had either one or both breasts removed are often left with huge areas of extensive scarring. The emotional trauma caused by this loss is difficult to put into words and psychological care is usually needed for some time.

However, it seems that increasing numbers of these brave women are choosing to empower themselves and their identity as cancer survivors by opting for scar tattoos.

How Do Tattoos Work?

Tattoos have been practiced for over 6,000 years in some cultures. In many cultures, tattooing was seen as an honour and was performed with great ceremony at the coming of age. Various tribal peoples had developed various unique tattooing methods.

One such example is the traditional Japanese tattooing practice known as irezumi, in which tattoos are performed using hand held tools made of needle sharp bamboo. The bamboo is “poked” into the skin rapidly to create the design. This method is known as tebori.

Sounds pretty painful right? That may be so, but this practice and countless others have become deeply ingrained in societies across the world and are a huge source of pride and community to the people’s belonging to them.

Thankfully, tattoos aren’t performed that way anymore, at least not in the United States. Today tattoos are a much more straightforward process. The modern day electric tattoo machines inserts ink into the skin via a needle.

To be specific, the ink is inserted in the dermis layer, or the middle layer, of the skin. The reason why the ink stays in the skin and doesn’t disappear is because the pigment particles are too big for the body to dissolve

The needles used these days are disposable, so the artist will insert a new needle into the machine for each new tattoo or customer. This ensures that infection isn’t spread and that the entire process is as sanitary as possible.

Even with these measures, there are some risks associated with tattoos. If the tattoo artist doesn’t change his or her needles after every single customer, diseases such as hepatitis are extremely easily spread. In some cases, although it is rare, people can suffer from keloid scarring as a result of tattoos.

However, these days the vast majority of tattoos are performed without any complication and the tattoo heals just as it should. In the case of the women who are using this form of art to recover emotionally from the trauma of cancer, when their tattoo is completely healed it signifies a fresh start in their lives.

Rather than looking in the mirror every day at scar tissue that reminds them of their ordeal, they can transform it into something that reminds them of their victory. This is why tattoos covering skin are becoming so popular today, and set to continue to do so for some time.

How Could CBD Help With Tattoos?

CBD can help combat anxiety and can relax you if you’re feeling nervous about the pain of a getting a tattoo. Taking a CBD infused item such as an edible or a few drops of CBD oil before your tattoo session can do the trick without getting intoxicated. It can also be used as an anti-inflammatory and can help tone down any pain or swelling you may experience afterwards. If you are considering using CBD as means to help with pain or anxiety before getting a tattoo, please speak with your tattooist and doctor to make sure it is the right choice for you.

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Niamh Tumilty
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