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Republican Senator Wants To Legalise Cannabis, But There’s a Catch

Republican Senator Wants To Legalise Cannabis, But There’s a Catch

Senate Leader Wants To Leagalise Cannabis

U.S. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell is leading a campaign to legalise cannabis in the USA. This isn’t a departure from the usual Republican conservative position, the senator is seeking to legalise low-THC hemp.

Senator McConnell has announced that he wants Kentucky to become a US leader in hemp agriculture. He plans to introduce the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, which will remove hemp from the list of illegal and controlled substances.

Hemp Fell Victim To A Blanket Ban

Hemp fell victim to the cannabis ban in US cannabis law. Hemp looks visually similar to marijuana but the key difference is the levels of THC present in the plants. Hemp doesn’t have anywhere near enough THC to create a high.

Hemp has thousands of potential uses in agriculture, industry, and manufacturing. It can be used to make clothing, plastics, food, fertiliser, and rope. Over 30 US states have passed laws that allow a certain amount of hemp cultivation after a measures redefined it as a crop as a separate crop from cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Is On The Up

Medical cannabis is becoming increasingly common across the USA. Those who want to enjoy the health effects of cannabis, but don’t want to experience the high often turn to the non-psychoactive chemical, CBD. CBD is a major chemical found in hemp and has many effects including stress relief, and anti-epileptic properties.

The Kentucky state department of agriculture has previously announced plans to build the world’s largest CBD processing plant. Department issued permits to Kings Royal Biotech of Kentucky to manufacture pharmaceutical-grade CBD in late 2017.

Huge Industrial Boom

Legally growing hemp could lead to a huge boom in related industries. The need for a raw material that is sustainable and quick to produce is higher than ever, and those who get in on the ground floor of this industry are sure to experience a great deal of success.

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