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Police Claim That Rats Ate 540 Kilos of Weed

Rats ate cannabis

Reefer Rodents

Police in Argentina have blamed the disappearance of nearly 540 kilos of confiscated weed on hungry rats. Weed certainly causes the munchies, but could rats really eat THAT much green?

Missing Cannabis

When police commissioner Emilio Portero demanded a full inventory of everything in possession of the police he found that what was meant to be a 6,000-kilo stash of contraband cannabis weighed in at only 5,460 kilos. Nearly 540 kilos of the contraband seized in drug busts had gone up in smoke, perhaps literally.

An investigation was launched to track down the missing cannabis, the main objective being to find out if it had been stolen or sold by police officers. The investigation unearthed one possible theory for the disappearing herb: Hungry rats.

Understandably, framing the rats as scaperodents didn’t fully satisfy Potrero, and the investigation is attempting to find if the claim is even plausible. While rats are notorious for eating nearly anything if they had been eating that sheer amount of cannabis, blissed out corpses would be found nearby.

Losing water weight

Another theory put forward to explain the missing weed is that it could have merely lost water weight. This idea suggests that while in storage the weed lost some weight as any water contained within it dried out. While this could explain some weight loss, 540 kilos is a bit of a stretch.

Crooked Cops

The most plausible explanation remains that some police officers dipped into the contraband cannabis for their own use or in order to sell it. Weed is illegal in Argentina, but small amounts for personal use have been decriminalised.

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