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40 People Hospitalized After Taking Weed In Vancouver

Hospital Od Ed Weed Vancouver


It’s turning out that a lot of the revelers who decided to celebrate 4/20 last week may have overestimated their tolerance. On Vancouver’s Sunset Beach the celebrations were in full swing. According to the authorities, there were:

The Numbers

– 40,000 people in attendance

– 482 vendors

– 23 medical incidents

– 10 overdose calls, 8 of which had to be taken to hospital

Vancouver’s St Paul’s hospital reported nearly 40 cases of people suffering from cannabis overdoses. While not all of these patients came to the hospital via ambulance, you could make an educated assumption that the majority of these people came from the Sunset Beach 4/20 rally.


None of the patients had to stay overnight, and a troubling four of them were under 18 years of age. Cannabis overdosing is a little more severe than the phenomenon well known to many as ‘throwing a whitey’, named after the pallid complexion of those suffering from it. Officially it’s considered a poisoning and is usually the result of overly-powerful edibles.


The symptoms of cannabis overdose include rapid heart rate, hallucinations, mental confusion, panic attacks, and paranoia. These symptoms, while unpleasant, can’t kill you on their own. Often the best solution is just to try and sleep it off.

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