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Businesses Take a Cannabis-Friendly Approach to Hiring

more businesses hiring potheads

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Labor shortages across America are having a negative effect on many businesses. While this trend is having far reaching effects on businesses of all kinds, nobody expected it would have an effect on cannabis.

A a result of the shortages, large businesses ranging from hotels to manufacturers are dropping previously standardized cannabis tests from their hiring procedures. This move comes as an effort to gain access to the larger numbers of potential employees that they so desperately need.

A Shift in Attitudes Towards Cannabis

Michael Clarkson, head of a drug testing practice law firm explained that this change to the approach of so many businesses was not expected. This clearly shows that as cannabis becomes legalized in more states, increasing numbers of people are using it.

In Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, medical cannabis users have won lawsuits against employers that have fired them and rescinded job offers as a result of testing positive for cannabis. Pressure from Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta of the Trump Administration has also encouraged businesses to loosen their policies on cannabis.

While the employment sector has been slow to adapt its hiring procedures to the changing social environments, it seems to be catching up at last. This also appears to be true of state legislatures who are setting precedent in this area.

Cannabis use is on the increase across all adult age groups, according to recent studies. Of particular interest is the fact that the demographic who are seeing the biggest increase is baby boomers, who are between 54-74 years of age.

This is the age at which many men and women reach the top of their profession, and their employability is highest. It will be very interesting to see how this increase in cannabis use affects those falling within this age range in particular.

In the meantime, prospects for both recreational and medical cannabis using job seekers are looking up.

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