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Marijuana May Be Regulated the Same Way as Alcohol

Marijuana May Be Regulated The Same Way As Alcohol

The new bill is called the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act and it is intended to do exactly what its title says. Under the bill, cannabis will be removed from the list of controlled substances. The new bill will allow adults over 21 to purchase cannabis legally anywhere in the United States.

The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act isn’t the only bill being introduced this week. There will be two other bills these bills will change a lot of the regulation surrounding cannabis. They will also change the way cannabis is taxed under US law. The bills also call for the Department of Veterans Affairs to make recommendations on how cannabis should be used as treatment.

Colorado, the most famous state when it comes to the leaglisation of cannabis. It has proven that responsible adults are more than capable of conducting their lives while using cannabis in a balanced manner. Users are holding down jobs, raising families. Not only that cannabis legalisation has led to a boost in the local economy rather than a boost in the prison population.

Cannabis is seemingly here to stay, so a level of taxation and regulation similar to alcohol is a must as the industry grows.

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