Acquiring Legal CBD For Medicinal Use

How you can get legal CBD for medical uses

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Do you need CBD for medical purposes but aren’t sure how to get it? Read this article for tips on acquiring legal CBD for medicinal use.

More than 40 million adults ages 18-54 suffer from anxiety disorders.

The estimated number is much higher since a lot of people don’t ask for help or don’t know they have anxiety. Some people get misdiagnosed and take the wrong medicine.

One great way to reduce anxiety is to use legal CBD. It helps to reduce the symptoms of some anxiety disorders. Some of these diseases include:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Panic disorder
  • Social Anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Anxiety in general

Most anti-anxiety medicines have side effects that lead to more symptoms.

Some people become discouraged taking these drugs because of their side effects. Legal CBDs don’t have these side effects, making it a better choice.

But how do you get CBD legally? How much of it can you buy and where?

How to Get Legal CBD for Medicinal Purposes

The DEA published a rule that CBD, along with other cannabis extracts, is a Schedule 1 substance. CBD derived from Marijuana is illegal under the federal law. Meanwhile, most state laws say that hemp-derived CBD is legal.

Most states have their own laws for Marijuana-based CBD oil. States that support medical and recreational marijuana make CBD oil legal no matter where it’s derived from. Some states that don’t support Marijuana consider cannabis-derived CBD oil.

In these states, Marijuana-based and Hemp-based CBD oil is legal. It means that people can buy legal CBD oil from both online sellers and medical Cannabis Dispensaries.

The advantage of Hemp-based CBD oil is that it’s allowed in all 50 states. People looking to use it for both medical and recreational uses can buy it from dispensaries and reputable online cannabis sellers.

How to Decide Where to Buy Medical CBD

There are hundreds of CBD retailers around the United States. It’s not that hard to choose the best among these, as long as people do proper research. Here are some questions to ask before committing to a CBD retailer:

Is The Hemp Used for the CBD Oil Organic?

The United States generally has organic hemp used for their CBD Oil products. These companies take the extra mile to ensure that the legal CBD has high quality.

When selecting a CBD product to buy, make sure that they don’t come from the European Union or China. Despite the countries’ strict agricultural regulations, these regions use unsafe pesticides to grow their hemp.

This isn’t a big deal for other plants, but it’s different for hemp. This plant is a dynamic accumulator, meaning that it gathers both good and bad minerals from the soil. It’s dangerous because it might absorb the toxic pesticide chemicals.

No government agency regulates the toxins from pesticides. These toxins can end up in a CBD oil product if the company making it isn’t careful enough. It’s one of the most common mistakes for people buying this type of product for the first time.

How Did the Company Extract the CBD?

One of the oldest and most natural ways to get a full spectrum extract from the cannabis plant is organic ethanol wash. This process gets all the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant without using heavy machinery. It leaves a 100% safe and solvent-free CBD extract.

Less reputable companies don’t share how they extract the CBD from the plant. Some companies use butane and propane for extraction. These are toxic substances and can’t extract all the beneficial properties of the hemp plant.

What Carrier Substance Did the Company Use to Deliver the CBD Extract from the Oil?

Indigestible CBD oil should have coconut MCT oil and full spectrum hemp extract. This is important because it’s easier for the body’s digestion. Cannabinoids use either fat or alcohols as a carrier when delivering to the body.

Less reputable companies don’t use MCTs for their oil carriers. A lot of them don’t bother saying their ingredients in a clear and accurate manner. Avoid these companies to get the most out of the CBD product.

What to Look for in Medical CBD

There are several types of CBD products which cater to different needs. When deciding the kind of CBD product to buy, it needs to fit its intended use. Its CBD content could determine whether a spray or a drop is more appropriate.

Some of these criteria include:

CBD Content

It’s important to know the amount of CBD consumed when using a CBD product. CBD doesn’t have side effects but its content levels vary depending on the product. These products don’t get measured by their CBD levels but instead through their Hemp Oil content.

When looking for the CBD content of a product, don’t look at the Hemp Oil levels. It’s often displayed in either milligrams or percentages.

Hemp Oil Content

Since Hemp Oil contains CBD, the latter will always have a lower percentage compared to the former. Hemp Oil has its own set of benefits, but when buying products based on its CBD content, the oil content isn’t as important.


The CBD content and concentration are important when trying to know about the strength and quality of the product. Content determines the amount of legal CBD but concentration determines how strong it is. For example, people suffering from severe anxiety need to take 18mg of CBD oil if they weigh between 86-150lbs.

The safest starting point to take legal CBD is 3mg. The more the body gets used to it, the higher concentration it needs. Its lack of side effects makes it safe to keep increasing intake until it hits a sweet spot.

The best method for beginners is to start with 2-3mg of legal CBD oil per week. They can double the dose the following week. Carry on that way until the dosage feels right.

Types of CBD Products

Using CBD as a dietary supplement depends on the product consumed. Most shops feature a wide selection of different products. Some of these include:

CBD Drops and Tinctures

Drops and tinctures are the most popular legal CBD products around. They are versatile and have various levels of concentrations. Some can have as much as 500mg CBD concentration.

Tinctures have a lot of flavors like vanilla and peppermint. Taking them is easy: drop it under the tongue and the body absorbs it from there.

CBD Oil Concentrates

This product is for people who need the strongest, most concentrated form of CBD. It comes in wax crumbles and pure oil. It doesn’t have any flavor and it’s normally consumed using a vaporizer or orally.

Beginners often find these concentrates too strong. Most markets have different kinds of concentrates that benefit all kinds of users.

Vape Oil and Vaporizers

This CBD product works the same way as e-pens do. The concentrated oil in the vaporizer reaches the lungs once it vaporizes. It’s the fastest way for the CBD to circulate the body. They come in different flavors and levels of concentrations.

A CBD vape pen is the most convenient way to start off vaping CBD oil. It’s easy to store because its size is no larger than a normal pen. It often comes with a CBD cartridge in its package.

CBD Oil Oral Spray

The oral spray has more CBD than ordinary hemp. Most products come from naturally-grown non-GMO hemp. These often come with 500mg concentration and have flavors of vanilla and peppermint.

The best use of this product is spraying it twice under the tongue and holding for 30 seconds twice a day.

CBD Capsules

This product comes from hemp oil powder contained inside standard capsules. Its main benefit compared to other CBD products is that it’s easier to digest and absorbed by the body.

The capsules have different concentration levels of CBD. It’s a perfect choice for people who want to keep track of their CBD intake. It’s easy to take and increasing it until reaching the ideal dosage level doesn’t take much effort.

CBD Oil Lotions and Balms

Made from high-quality CBD extract, these lotions and balms have a lot of uses. Most are easy to use and smell nice. The lotions are perfect for joint relief and other similar therapeutic uses.

CBD Oil Edibles

This product has a wide selection of CBD edibles like peanut butter and other chewable food. Most come in 170mg containers and have 500mg of CBD.

The CBD Oil Edibles are perfect for complementing meals. People can eat some of these as snacks too.

Learn More About Legal CBD Oil Today

When suffering from anxiety disorders, CBD can provide a natural means of relief. The substance can help deal with a lot of disorders and give other benefits.

Getting legal CBD is easy, as long as it’s hemp-based. All 50 states allow the medicinal use of this substance. There are dispensaries and online CBD sellers that offer a wide variety of products that suit your purposes.

It’s important to base the CBD product quality on certain criteria like whether or not it’s organic.

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