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‘I Was Wrong’ Says Judge Over Past Weed Convictions

I Was Wrong Says Judge Over Past Weed Convictions

Life-Saving Cannabis Treatment

A judge who convicted hundreds of people on cannabis offenses has had a dramatic change of mind after cannabis saved his life.

Florida Judge Doug Bench was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD, a disease that can prove fatal. However thanks to a cannabis-based treatment he made a full recovery. Bench has decided to dedicate his life to debunking the lies the US government has told its citizens and undo the damage his past convictions have caused.

Florida Has The Most Severe Punishments For Weed Offences

Florida is widely considered to be the worst state to be caught in possession of cannabis. No state in the USA punishes those convicted of cannabis-related offenses more than Florida.

Judge Bench was diagnosed COPD, which can result in a slow and painful death, his life was saved after realizing the benefits of cannabis in treating his disease.

Haunted For 30 Years

“I’ve been haunted for 30 years, wondering how many of those (people I put in jail) were using cannabis for medical reasons because our government suppressed that information for 70 years.”

Bench said in a public statement. During his treatment he found himself torn between his preconceptions and his life. “I hated marijuana, I hated the use of marijuana and the violation of the law,” Bench explains. “But, I had no choice, I had to break the law if I wanted to live,” he said.

Effective Treatment For Gastric Disorders

Cannabis has been shown to be a good treatment for several gastric disorders. This is because the active ingredients in cannabis, known as cannabinoids, interact with a system in the body known and the endocannabinoid system.

This system has been shown to directly affect the health of the human digestive tract. If used in combination with other treatments, it can yield incredible results.

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