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How to Use Pure CBD in Home Treatments

Using Pure CBD in Home Treatments

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People have been using cannabis to treat their ailments for thousands of years, but only recently has pure and high quality CBD oil become legally available for treatments. The full spectrum of available treatments is only just being realized, there are many claims and counter-claims in relation to CBD’s ability to treat or cure medical conditions, and many statements have not been evaluated fully. It still remains a growing area of research and interest, with more and more people using CBD for home treatments.

Cannabis is illegal in most of the world, and even in the United States it is still illegal at a federal level. Cannabis has been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) but still ranks very highly on the United States controlled substances list. Being evaluated by the FDA is apparently not good enough for the federal government, who continue to block its nationwide legalization. This places hemp oil and marijuana users in a difficult situation. Medical marijuana might be prescribed for them by a doctor but they face federal prosecution for possessing it.

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The findings published by medical research are supported by the FDA but are not intended to encourage use.

How to Use Pure CBD

Pure CBD is derived from the hemp plant and marijuana plant, which are both types of cannabis. CBD (cannabidiol) can be obtained online for reasonable prices in a vast range of forms. Organic hemp products are recommended as cannabis production can use some horrible chemicals but organic production is much better for the environment and for your body.

When obtaining CBD products, it is worth looking for a product that is high quality and tested for purity. There are companies that independently test the purity of products and offer accreditation for CBD oil based products. Because CBD should only be used as a medicine (it does not get the user high, so has few other uses), the exact doses the user administers is important to know for consistency, evaluating the effectiveness of treatment and for maintaining safety.

Once the user has obtained their verified pure CBD, they can use their CBD in a variety of ways.

CBD in Food
CBD is safe to add to food. It has little or no taste. Some people describe it as earthy or nutty. CBD is fat soluble, so can be put in oils or butter and ingested that way. Add it to a cake mix, to sauces or whatever you choose to cook, as long as it has some fat in it. Apparently, coconut oil is the best thing for this, but as with all cannabis products, the evidence is anecdotal, not scientific.

Pure CBD has a bitter taste on its own, but when combined with even mild tasting foods, it can be completely disguised. In smoothies, on toast with peanut butter or chocolate spread, gummy bears dipped in CBD, it is up to the user to be creative and find ways of eating CBD in a way that pleases them. Ensure to only use the dose which is recommended.

Sublingual means under the tongue. It is a very efficient way of getting a chemical into the bloodstream as the membranes there are thin and have lots of blood vessels available for quick transfer. The taste can easily be improved by a sugar lump or small candy or sweet that can be placed under the tongue with the oil for a few minutes to ensure maximum CBD absorption without the bitter taste.

There are two main ways to administer sublingual CBD. Using a dropper to place the pure CBD there, or using a spray. Both have their advantages and it remains largely up to the user’s preference as they are both very effective.

In a Drink
Pop a few drops into a cup of tea or coffee, or into a shake or can of something nice. This will disguise the taste quite well and can be very convenient for dosing when out of the house. Prepare the dose, add to the drink and take it wherever it is needed.

CBD capsules are available on the internet and can be one of the best ways of ingesting CBD. Slightly more expensive than in liquid form, they can also help with calculating exact doses and make life infinitely easier. Take your capsule with your morning coffee and you don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day.

Using a vaporizer is a quick and easy way of getting a relatively precise quantity of CBD into the bloodstream. Many people dislike the sensation of inhaling vapour, so it is not for everyone. Vaping is much safer than smoking but does carry some risks, so users should be aware of that. Vaping small quantities of CBD will pose very little risk of harm.

CBD should only be used under the supervision of a qualified doctor and only when legal. Possession of CBD is illegal in many countries. This is changing but be sure that the state where the user resides has legalized its use before attempting to purchase and use it.

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Niamh Tumilty
Niamh Tumilty
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