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Dutch City Bans Smoking Weed in the City Centre

Dutch City Bans Smoking Weed

The Hague has just become the first Dutch City to ban the use of cannabis near its city center, rail stations, and any major shopping areas.

Warnings have been circulated for tourists, coffee shops, and anyone else, that if they are caught smoking cannabis in a prohibited zone then they will receive a fine.

A spokesperson for the mayor of The Hague said the “many complaints” from residents and visitors about the smell of weed, and the disrupting behavior from its users had been one of the catalysts of the prohibition.

The spokesman also said that that the mayor and police had decided there was evidence that “the use of soft drugs has a negative impact on the living environment of residents and visitors.”

Holland has long been the gold standard for cannabis legalisation in the west, with many activist groups espousing the merits of their attitude towards the herb in question.

This move isn’t a negative if anything its an indication of the integration and acceptance of cannabis into the day to day lives of the people of The Hague.

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