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Driver Claims That He Was Unaware of 2,000 Pounds of Cannabis Found in His Trailer

driver claims unaware cannabis in truck trailer

A truck driver claims that he was unaware of the 2,066 pounds of cannabis discovered hidden in his vehicle’s trailer during a police search in Arkansas on Thursday. The search was precluded by a standard traffic stop due to dangerous driving.

Once the police had pulled the 59-year-old Robert Moore, they noticed that he was exceedingly nervous. This made the officers suspicious, leading to a full search of his vehicle. The search conducted by the police turned up a huge 2,066 pounds of cannabis inside the trailer. Needless to say, they placed Moore under arrest.

The cannabis was worth over $3 million dollars. During a hearing following the arrest, Moore claimed that he was totally unaware of his illegal cargo. He explained that he had been with the same freight company for over 10 years without incident. “I try to lead a fair life,” Moore said during his hearing.

“I even asked to take a lie detector test, so they would know I am innocent,” he said, protesting his innocence. Judge Bourne set Moore’s bond at $200,000. He is scheduled to appear in Pope County Circuit Court “at a later date,” which has yet to be specified.

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