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Do You Know How to Take CBD – Let This Guide Help

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For all of those who are unsure on what exactly CBD is: CBD, short for Cannabidiol ,is the second most prominent compound that is derived from the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol is one of 113 cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant and is a structural isomer of THC. THC is short for Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the fundamental principle that holds psychoactive properties of the cannabis plant. Cannabis is also a controversial health product due to the fact that it is an illegal substance, however governments have started to make steps in decriminalizing it due to its medicinal properties.

CBD and THC garner similar chemical attributes, however their make up is slightly different. They each have a ring which closes and opens. If it’s closed, it’s THC and if it’s opened, it’s CBD.

Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties and studies have shown that it has the capability of preventing inflammation totally. It also has anti-seizure properties,pain relieving properties, anticancer properties. It also weakness the worst effects of THC itself when it is co-administered and can be used as an antibacterial agent.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a biological system composed of endocannabinoids found in humans and animals. The Endocannabinoid System consists of cannabinoid receptors. The two most important receptors for cannabinoids are the CB1 and CB2 receptors, These are predominantly based in the brain, immune system and peripheral nervous system.

The Endocannabinoid System is responsible for the functions of:

  • Memory
  • Appetite
  • Metabolism
  • Stress response
  • Social behavior, and anxiety
  • Immune function
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Female reproduction
  • Nervous system
  • Sleep
  • Physical exercise

Many of these functions where studied, to come to the conclusion to see if cannabidiol (CBD) played a role in benefiting these functions. The results of these studies where effective and majority had positive outcomes.

Medicinal Properties in CBD

Some of the most interesting aspects of cannabidiol is the fact that it has low toxicity and very few side effects. It has been said that it’s possible to overdose on cannabis, but it’s extremely difficult to do seeing as you need to consume 400 times your own body weight. However this statement has not been evaluated. There is also the possible tendency to experience dry mouth after taking the oil.

Forms of CBD Products

CBD products can be purchased as CBD oils. These can range anywhere from:

Capsules (cannabis pills)
People who use CBD capsules say that it is one of the most convenient methods of using CBD due to the fact that it isn’t very messy and it exactly like taking any other pharmaceutical medication in pill form. It is recommended that if you don’t feel comfortable dosing yourself, CBD oil pills are pre-made for you, there for you don’t have to make it up yourself.

Sprays have a wide variety of strains, all with different strengths and effects. CBD sprays are a bit expensive and sometimes hard to get. Sprays are effective in treating cancer, inflammation, seizures, relieves Multiple Sclerosis and protects the Nervous System (NS), act’s like an anti-bacterial, promotes heart health and many other ailments.

Vape Oil
When vaping, CBD enters your lungs and goes directly into your bloodstream instead of passing through your digestive system. Vaping CBD oil is a fast and effective way of treating your symptoms, but it doesn’t last as long as digesting.

Bottles with Tinctures
tinctures are the most common and popular form of taking CBD oil. Usually you apply one or two drops of a tincture that is placed under the tongue or mixed into a food or drink. This takes awhile for the effects to kick in as it has to go through your digestive system, but once it’s there the effects last longer. If you want to learn more about the step by step guide of using hemp oil in tincture form see here See Here

When using a CBD cream, you generally apply it to the area in which you want to target.

Chewing gum and Candy
Chewing gum and/or candy, is a great form of treating symptoms like pain, anxiety and nausea. By chewing gum or candy containing CBD oil, is a fast effective way of getting CBD straight into the bloodstream through the mucosal membranes in your mouth

CBD patches work similarly to nicotine patches. These patches are basically band-aids that are infused with CBD oil. Usually you would place the CBD oil infused patch to an area on your body that is venous. Areas such as the neck, the waist, the upper arm, shoulder, or on your back are ideal areas to place a CBD patch.


Dosage for CBD is still in the process of searching for more information and facts in the dosing due to variations that rely on the aliment and/or condition. However, majority of treatments begin with using 1 mg CBD per Kg of bodyweight. This article shows what serving sizes and dosing you should take and how you should take it with certain aliments and conditions.
Another way is to use a dosing calculator, but make sure to ask your doctor or medical professional for advice on this. When using a dosing calculator, it takes these factors into consideration given you a pretty accurate result:

  • Metabolism
  • Weight
  • Diet
  • Your aliment or condition you are treating
  • Your CBD tolerance
  • Severity of your condition or aliment

If you decided that you want to up or lower your dosage, always consult your doctor or medical professional first. If you are taking other pharmaceutical medication that has been prescribed by your doctor, and you would like to discontinue them as treatments, also consult your doctor and never come off these medications straight away, you should wean yourself off them slowly, unless your doctor suggests otherwise.

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