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Coffee Chain Plans to Open Cannabis Shops

Coffee Chain Plans To Open Cannabis Shops

Recreational Weed Dispensaries

Us coffee chain, The Second Cup, has announced plans to open a range of recreational weed dispensaries. They plan to open their first dispensary in Western Canada before moving east across the country.

The Second Cup is planning to partner with National Access Cannabis Corp. to help supply the dispensaries.

Established Coffee Franchise

The Second Cup is an established cafe franchise founded in 1975. It has over 280 coffee shops across Canada. NAC describes itself as a health company that specialises in medicinal cannabis.

The plan is to use The Second Cup’s significant retail experience to spread the dispensaries quickly across the country.

Plans For Legalisation

The Canadian government is planning to legalise the use of cannabis for recreational purposes by September. Several provinces are planning to sell cannabis via government-controlled monopoly, however, several others are to allow private sellers.

Weed Cafe

The general business model of The Second Cup’s dispensary is something similar to the weed cafes, that Amsterdam is famous for.

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