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CBD Cookies for Sale

CBD Cookies

4/20 day is a day synonymous with marijuana and CBD. One day as a joke head baker Shelby Taylor from Common Ground Co-Op decided to make some cookies with CBD oil just to see if people would like them. They turned out to be a hit.

He said “We actually just put them out for 4/20 and we were like let’s see what happens. We sold 36 the first day in about 2 hours then baked off the rest, about 200 and they were all gone”. After the trial run they are now selling mint-chip cookies with CBD oil in them for $4.20.

Although the cookies are new to the store, Common Ground Co-Op started selling CBD based products in the summer of 2017. They sell CBD oils and CBD based pet products as well.

Is it Legal?
Yes, it’s legal to sell and purchase CBD products as long as they are made from a resource that has a low amount of THC (the stuff that gets you high) which most responsible business do. The state law requires it.

Sam Ihm the marketing and promotions coordinator says “We hear from customers and employees who use [CBD] that it reduces their anxiety, helps them sleep, lots of insomnia relief has been reported and mood management as well,”

Have you tried CBD cookies?

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