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Cannabis Can Help Treat Opiate Addiction

Cannabis Addiction Treatment Opiates

Cannabis For Addiction Treatment

Cannabis has been shown to curb the severity of alcoholism, cocaine addiction, and even opioid addiction.

Studies showed that rats, who were treated to have addictions, were treated with CBD, a cannabinoid chemical that is prevalent in cannabis, were less likely to relapse on their addictions five months later.

Minimise Aggression

One of the other positive effects of CBD is its ability to regulate and minimise aggression and increase impulse control in users. This can help curb some of the most anti-social aspects of addiction.

The study was conducted by Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California. They found that CBD is able to reduce stress and reduce anxiety, this may be key to how it suppresses the urge to relapse on addiction. Alcohol and cocaine abuse are often a coping mechanism for dealing with severe anxiety.

Non-Addictive Treatment For Chronic Pain

Medical cannabis can also be used to treat chronic pain. This may be a viable solution for the opioid crisis sweeping the rust belt of America. The origins of the opiates addiction pandemic can be seen in the huge number of chronic pain cases in the rust belt. Many of these cases have been caused by the substandard working conditions the people of the rust belt had to endure.

The lack of medical funds in this region has led to a severe shortage of medical professionals in the region. This means that the remaining doctors have found themselves totally overwhelmed by demand. This led to the situation where they are forced to prescribe addictive to the vast majority of patients; leading to the opiate crisis.

Alternative To Opiates

The crux of the opiate crisis is the problem of dealing with chronic pain. An alternative to addictive opiates is medical marijuana. The cannabinoids in marijuana feature a whole range of painkilling and soothing effects that can rival, and in some cases surpass that of opiates. On top of this, medical marijuana is 100% non-addictive

Cannabis would be a fantastic solution to this problem thanks to its painkilling properties and the addiction-lessening effects of CBD. This is a strong argument on the behalf of legalisation for medicinal cannabis at the very least.

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