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Using Evening Primrose and CBD Oil as an Acne Treatment

Primrose Oil as Acne Treatment

In the United States, acne is one of the most commonly encountered visible skin disease in dermatology. This is particularly true for individuals between 15 and 40 years of age. Acne is the most common condition in the U.S. and affects up to 50 million Americans each year.

Dealing with acne can be stressful. If you have ever tried multiple skincare products without success, it can be a disheartening experience. Anyone who suffers from acne knows that it can be tough to look for an effective treatment. From products that are too dehydrating to products that make the skin oily, it seems like there is no clear solution.

As the time goes by and women get older, persistent acne is most usually affected by a hormonal imbalance. A possible solution for those with hormonal activity is evening primrose oil. Though hormonal balance is conventionally treated with birth control, not all women can use birth control and primrose has far fewer side effects.

Evening primrose oil is beneficial to add to your skincare routine. It has been a widely studied natural oil over the years and shown to have acne-fighting abilities. It has been known for treating hormonal imbalance in the body. This, in turn, helps reduce acne and breakouts on the face.

What Is Evening Primrose Oil?

The evening primrose plant grows wild in part of North America. It is known for blooming bright yellow flowers in the evening. The seed oil squeezed from the seeds is one of the most abundant natural sources essential fatty acids, such as an omega-6 fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This is significant for the oil’s health benefits. Traditionally, evening primrose oil was regarded as the ‘king’s cure-all’ due to its many healing features.

The body transforms the GLA in evening primrose oil into hormone-like substances called prostaglandins. These substances offer anti-inflammatory benefits and help improve hormonal levels in the pituitary gland. GLA can also be essential for nerve function, cell structure, and the elasticity of the skin.

GLA is necessary for the balance of good health. The body can’t make GLA, so it needs to be absorbed through your diet. Several factors can intervene in the conversion process, including:

  • Alcoholism
  • Poor nutrition
  • The aging process
  • Health problems

Evening Primrose Oil for Hormonal Balance

The most significant benefit of primrose oil is that it can help improve your hormonal imbalance. It can diminish the uncomfortable and undesired symptoms connected with premenstrual cycles or menopause. Evening primrose is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids like lactic acid and GLA. These can replenish your body with the nutrients it requires to balance your hormones.

When your hormones are balanced and no longer swinging or out of control, you can comfortably go through the many stages of adulthood. Most of all the benefits of taking and using EPO begins with the ability to balance hormonal changes. Evening primrose oil can control the side effects of imbalanced hormones. Adding an evening primrose oil supplement to your everyday diet and routine may prevent a range of different ailments or conditions.

Can I Use Evening Primrose Oil as an Acne Treatment?

Evening primrose oil benefits health in several ways and has been widely studied over the years. There is clinical evidence supporting its use, especially for skin care. Evening primrose oil has been shown to provide moderate improvements in the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and, especially, acne. In several countries, the oil is prescribed by doctors to treat these conditions.

As of now, it is not yet fully understood how evening primrose oil benefits these conditions. According to scientific research and studies, experts believe that evening primrose oil relieves acne by reducing sebum production and helping unclog blocked pores.

For eczema, it provides concentrated levels of GLA to people who struggle to convert dietary fats into GLA. One study involving 1207 patients with dermatitis found that evening primrose oil benefits eczema sufferers by relieving skin irritation, itching, crusting, edema, and redness.

So one of the benefits of primrose oil is the ability to balance hormones. Evening primrose oil can help control hormonal acne. Hormonal acne can only be restored by treating the imbalance of hormones. It does not matter how many acne products a woman buys. If she is not adequately addressing the hormone imbalance, she is not going to see the results she is hoping for. Using an evening primrose oil acne treatment can help clear and moisturize the skin for a beautiful, healthy glow.

As previously mentioned, it is the fatty acids in evening primrose that offer the acne fighting ability. Using evening primrose oil for skin beauty can give excellent results. It gets results by regulating hormones and offering the body the vitamins and fatty acids it’s missing. Evening primrose oil can help solve and treat acne. It is available in three different ways. These are through:

  • Supplement oil
  • Oral capsules
  • Topical treatment applied directly to the infected area

Topical applications can quickly moisturize and soothe irritation. Topical evening primrose oil acne masks should regularly be done at night. This is because it is a slightly thick oil, making it noticeable and hard to put makeup over. Evening primrose oil benefits our health in many different ways thanks to its rich omega-6 and omega-3 content. The oil is squeezed from the seeds of the evening primrose plant.

The oil can give your body the nutrients it needs to balance your hormones and offer anti-inflammatory benefits. Primrose oil should be used as a spot treatment. It can soothe symptoms of acne as severe as cystic acne. It is recommended you avoid primrose oil if you’re on blood thinners. Evening primrose oil is safe for most people when taken for short periods of time. So if you are wondering how this oil can change your skincare routine, for the better, now is the time.

Can I Use CBD Oil as an Acne Treatment?

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce acne and could function to lessen the visibility of the inflammation caused by clogged hair follicles.

CBD oil targets only the problem-causing cells which means that it leaves the healthy cells alone which reduces side-effects which are common to many acne medications such as dry and irritated skin.

You can find CBD oil for acne in topical creams and lotions. Ensuring that CBD is a part of your skin care routine could see huge benefits.

However, since not enough extensive research has been done on this topic, it is advised that you consult your dermatologist before considering taking any CBD related products for your acne.

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