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A Man’s Cannabis-Stinking Monkey Leads to a Fine and Ban

Cannabis smell monkey leads to man receiving fine

Neglected Marmoset

A man has received a fine and been banned from keeping any animals after his pet monkey was discovered locked in a cage inhaling cannabis smoke.

The marmoset monkey was kept in neglectful conditions alone in a small metal cage, improperly fed, and reeking of cannabis smoke. The monkey, named Caesar, was rescued when the RSPCA visited his owner’s home.

Completely Inappropriate Conditions

The RSPCA’s deputy chief inspector, Nicole Broster said “Poor Caesar was kept in completely inappropriate conditions which were heartbreaking to see. When we entered the room there was such a strong smell of cannabis it was overpowering.”

Social Marmoset

Forensic tests were carried out on Caesar’s fur, which tested positive for cannabis exposure. On top of this, his solitary life was incredibly distressing for the marmoset. This species of simian are highly social and Caesar was reportedly making high pitched contact calls in a vain effort to find companions.

Banned From Keeping Animals

Caesar’s former owner was charged with two counts of failing to meet the welfare needs of the monkey. He was subsequently fined £80, along with £300 prosecution costs and a £30 victim surcharge. He has also been banned from keeping any animals for five years and ordered to pay the RSPCA £1000.

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