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With the rapid progression in popularity, it’s no wonder that the cannabis plant is hitting the media like a storm. Over the last few decades the cannabis plant has undergone a vast amount of studies due to the plant showing promising therapeutic effects. Medical experts think that one day medical cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD Oil) may have a place in the medical world.

The Midwest Wants Legal Cannabis, and Things Are Moving Quickly

The Midwest Wants Legal Cannabis, and Things Are Moving Quickly

For several Midwestern swing states, last year’s midterm elections signified a major change in attitudes toward legal cannabis — one

Studies are showing that medical cannabis may have the potential to treat a variety of ailments and diseases such as Alzheimer’s, STD’s, inflammation and depression. Along with this, the beauty industry believe that CBD has the potential to be used as a cream or lotion for anti-aging and skin care.

Due to the rapid growth in popularity, many states and countries are taking steps into legalizing the schedule 1 drug. While many of the legalization of the plant is for strictly medical reasons only, some countries are going as far as legalizing it for both medical purposes and recreational purposes. Before this happens, it’s apparent that there are still many trials, tests and studies that need to be carried out on the plant.

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