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Cannabis and Weight Loss – The Next Fad Diet?

Weed and Weight Loss

Fad diets are something we’re all familiar with. Some have caused a real stir in the media and many have been proven to be completely damaging to both the physical and mental health. However, one new diet trend is causing a lot of controversy right now.

This new method uses cannabis, also known as marijuana, to encourage weight loss. As more and more states legalize medical cannabis, some are debating whether or not weight loss should be counted among the ailments that patients can use medical cannabis to treat.

Art Glass is the author of a book about “the marijuana diet”. After years of trying different diets he has lost 65 pounds and claims that this success is down to his use of cannabis.

How the Marijuana Diet Works

His proposed method is simple. Take one, two, or three inhales of marijuana and then consume super foods. These can be anything from blueberries to leafy green vegetables. He also recommends juicing these and other super-foods as part of the program.

The next step is to do what he call sofa exercises. He claims that these simple and fun exercises can tighten the body in as little as four minutes. The idea is that these exercises are accessible to everyone and don’t cost a thing.

Another way the marijuana diet can help those who are trying to lose weight is by treating other ailments that may lead to increased weight or difficulty exercising.

One example of this is the ability of cannabis to treat mental illnesses. It’s common for people recovering from depression to see weight loss as they increase activity. Another example is the way in which cannabis can reduce chronic pain and improve mobility for those suffering from conditions which can cause it.

Is There Any Evidence?

Despite the claims made by many people, there is no real evidence to prove that cannabis can directly cause weight loss. Sure, there is evidence that some strains may encourage weight loss, but this is not conclusive.

As far as real scientific research goes, the best way to lose weight is to decrease your caloric intake and increase your exercise. This is why claims such as those made by Glass should always be taken with a pinch of salt by anyone looking for an answer to their weight gain problems.

Kerri Louise Watt
Kerri Louise Watt
Kerri Louise Watt is an experienced health and fitness advisor with 20 years of martial arts under her belt. She reports on the healthy lifestyle revolving around CBD and its future potential in fitness. You can find her work at

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