We Found It: The Top-Rated CBD Capsules for Cats

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Given the lack of evidence around CBD and cats, vets urge using caution. Image Credit: By Lightspruch on shutterstock.

American cat owners have never been shy about spending money on their beloved pets — according to Business Insider, the average cat owner shells out more than $1,100 per year for food, litter, toys, and more. When it comes to CBD, pet owners are equally enthusiastic about opening up their wallets: A 2018 report from New Frontier Data estimated that the market for CBD pet products will be worth $125 million by 2022, up from just $13 million in 2017. CBD-infused treats have become so popular, in fact, that even Martha Stewart has gotten on board with the trend, releasing a new line of CBD pet products last February. 

And the trend doesn’t appear to be all hype — a growing number of veterinarians support the use of CBD for a number of common cat ailments. As Dr. Angie Kraus, the owner of Boulder Holistic Vet, wrote on her website, “Over the past few years, I have been using cannabis (CBD) for many of my feline patients with excellent results. I have been extremely impressed with the improvement in quality of life for so many cats.” While there’s little scientific research on the effects of CBD on cats, some cannabis-friendly vets believe that it could help relieve feline anxiety, improve mobility, and treat inflammatory bowel disease, among other conditions. 

Still, given the lack of evidence to support CBD’s effectiveness for cats, many vets are urging caution. “I don’t think people should think of this as a panacea and start giving CBD to their pets for every ailment,” as Dr. Francisco DiPolo, a New York veterinarian, told CNBC. “I think it’s powerful and we need to learn more about it.” 

It’s always recommended to speak with your own vet before giving your cat CBD, but if you’ve had that conversation and you’re interested in trying it, keep reading to learn about the best CBD products for your cat — along with a few others that will keep them meowing with delight for years to come. 

CBD Capsules and Other Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy

Canna-Pet Advanced Capsules by Canna-Pet.
Canna-Pet Advanced Capsules by Canna-Pet ($58)

Canna-Pet is one of the most respected pet CBD brands in the world — their products are actually covered by most major pet insurers — and these capsules are their top-selling product, earning rave reviews from nearly 300 customers. Made with full spectrum CBD oil and rigorously tested in independent laboratories (you can find the test results on their website), they’re a solid choice for introducing your cat to CBD.

Hagen Treat Ball by Catit.
Hagen Treat Ball by Catit ($5-$12)

If your cat has grown a bit plump or lethargic, this treat-dispensing ball gives them an incentive to get up and active again. It comes with an adjustable opening to accommodate large or small treats.

Premium Cat Tunnel by Easyology.
Premium Cat Tunnel by Easyology ($15)

As every cat owner knows, there are few things felines love more than a small, dark place to hide — or to launch a surprise pounce attack. This tunnel, which can be connected to other units to form a maze, comes with a full money-back guarantee in case you (or your cat) isn’t completely satisfied.

Monthly Subscription Box of Cat Toys, Treats and Goodies by KitnipBox.
Monthly Subscription Box of Cat Toys, Treats and Goodies by KitnipBox ($17 for first month, $20 for renewals)

Named “Best Pet Box” for two years in a row by the Subscription Trade Association, this is an ideal option for picky cats — each box comes with five unique toys, from catnip-filled donuts to crinkly sticks for swatting. 

DentaLife Adult Cat Treats by Purina.
DentaLife Adult Cat Treats by Purina ($6)

Just like humans, cats need to take care of their teeth to prevent dental problems as they age and the right treats can help. These chicken-flavored treats have a porous texture so your cat’s teeth gets a thorough cleaning on all sides, helping to remove tartar buildup.

Pet Grooming Glove by Delomo.
Pet Grooming Glove by Delomo ($13)

Regularly brushing your cat can help prevent hairballs and stomach problems, and this top-ranked grooming tool comes with 255 silicone tips, making it an ideal way to remove excess hair while also indulging your cat with pets. 

62-Inch Cat Tree by Go Pet Club.
62-Inch Cat Tree by Go Pet Club ($65)

This all-in-one cat castle comes with a hammock, tunnel, lounging bed, and multiple sisal rope scratching posts — making it perfect for whatever mood your cat happens to be in at the moment. With nearly 6,500 positive reviews, it might be the best one on the market.

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Sarah Tyrrell
Sarah Tyrrell
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