Hemp Oil for Cats with Emotional Imbalance

Hemp Oil to Treat emotional imbalance in cats

Emotionally imbalanced cats may seem like an unlikely proposition but sadly it is a very serious problem. Cats owners understand that it can be extremely problematic when their pets suffer from this condition. In this article, we discuss what hemp oil is, and we look at what benefits and drawbacks hemp oil may have in treating this horrible ailment.

How to Spot Emotional Imbalance in Cats

Sometimes you find that your cat is behaving differently to how they used to. Maybe they are less affectionate than they once were or they are more restless than usual or even act more violently towards others.

This is sometimes the result of an emotional imbalance. It is important that you are able to spot the symptoms before anything gets worse. For instance, if your cat acts more aggressively towards you when you are trying to play with them that can be a sign of emotional imbalance. Or if they get agitated when they have either not been fed when they want or what they want that is also a sign.

If your cat is experiencing abnormal sleeping patterns that is a good indicator of emotional imbalance. Another good one is if they show excessive jealousy towards others. Now your cat being a little jealous is quite normal but if they act violently to other people or animals then you know you have a problem.

What is Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant and must by law contain only .03 percent THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the chemical contained in cannabis that is psychoactive and therefore gives the “high” feeling. By containing only a trace amount hemp oil does not produce any “high”. It is legal in the US when sold as a dietary supplement, either for pets or humans.

Pros of Hemp Oil

It must first be stated that there have been no scientific studies on the effects of hemp oil on cats. This means that all the advice offered here is strictly anecdotal. However, from what we know, there are a few possible benefits to giving your cat hemp oil.

Firstly hemp oil contains a number of essential fatty acids. These improve your cat’s immune system and can help to regulate their sleep patterns. Hemp oil has also been shown to help cats with allergies and any skin irritations they may have. This may help with excessive scratching and licking which can cause stress to your pet.

Hemp oil has also been reported to calm cat’s who tend to become excessively stressed. Also, hemp oil is non-addictive and non-narcotic which is a big plus compared to some other medications. Through careful use of hemp oil, you may be able to provide your cat with the relief they need from their emotional imbalance.

Cons of Hemp Oil

As with anything, there are certain limitations to the benefits of hemp oil. As mentioned above it has not been put through clinical testing on cats. If this is a major problem for you then maybe hemp oil is not what you are looking for.

Hemp oil has no known serious negative reactions to other medicines but has been shown to hinder the liver’s ability to process other drugs. This can be very important if your cat is on medication for a liver problem and you must inform your vet so they can adjust the dosage appropriately.

If you think your cat is suffering from emotional imbalance it is important that you react quickly and decisively. Please consult your veterinarian and discuss all possible treatments. It may turn out that hemp oil is the right one for your cat or it may not.

Niamh Tumilty
Niamh Tumilty
Niamh Tumilty is a writer and multimedia producer for cannabisMD where she is constantly evaluating the continued growth of CBD and its presence in the news. Her research and writing on cannabis and CBD can be found at niamhtumilty.com.

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