Yoga and Cannabis – Can They Work Together?

Cannabis and yoga, do they work?

In recent years yoga has become one of the most popular exercises and relaxation methods available. From people looking to rehab injuries to children with medical conditions, yoga has proven to be a safe and widespread practice. As more and more states and countries have begun legalizing cannabis for recreational and medical purposes. People are undecided at the moment on whether or not to introduce cannabis to their lives. Yoga has been about utilizing the body and mind until gaining a heightened state of consciousness.

The Pros of Cannabis and Yoga

Cannabis has been used with yoga since ancient times. Yogis used to consume bhang, this is a drink made from female cannabis plants. Also, hashish was used as part of their daily meditation rituals. Many modern yogis believe cannabis helps to gain a more significant connection from their minds to their bodies. People can experience a tough time genuinely gaining knowledge of their bodies. Yogis who use cannabis when they practice find that it helps the body and mind relax.

The fact that cannabis can potentially treat anxiety and can be helpful for people like yoga supporters, to push the benefits it can have for meditation. This together with the ability to further explore difficult positions due to the pain relief offered means people can find much use for mixing yoga and cannabis.

The Cons of Cannabis and Yoga

Others, however, are not convinced that cannabis is useful for yoga. Therefore anything that changes or hinders many to fully experience what’s happening around us would be unhelpful when it comes to yoga practice. To them, yoga and meditation are pure exercises that require a purity of feeling and anything that alters either the mind or body are a hindrance.

As always though you must be aware of whether or not medical or recreational cannabis is legal where you live. Also please talk to your doctor before trying cannabis and yoga. Yoga is a beautiful practice so get out your mats and enjoy!

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