Self-Care Month – What’s It All About?

September Is Self Awareness Month

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, twenty-four hours is barely enough time in a day to get everything taken care of. Education, job, socializing, loved ones are undoubtedly very important for a happy life. But sometimes, we get so busy with taking care of these things that we end up neglecting the most important thing of all: ourselves.

In response to the epidemic spread of self-care negligence and its associated issues, Evolve to Live founded Self-Care Awareness Month in 2017, to be celebrated each year in September.

What Is Self-Care?

In a world that has convinced us that there is no time or place to devote our actions to one’s own self, it isn’t hard to fathom why so many people have come to associate looking after yourself with selfishness or activity of a lazy person.

Trending articles nowadays may suggest that self-care is going to the spa or buying your favorite items, and they are not wrong, but doing this is so much more than just catering to your materialistic or relaxation needs. Caring for oneself is also about making you, feel good, about you.

Self-care is most certainly the act of being kind to yourself, the practice of not comparing yourself to others, the art of being content with who and what you are. This may seem like common sense to those who regularly practice it, but some people out there need a good lesson on this, the “Self-Care Month” often serves to educate those on exactly that.

Why Is Self-Care Important?

In the darkest of nights, sometimes even the ones we trust the most tend to leave us alone be it by choice or circumstances. But the one person you can count on to always is there with you, one who cannot be held back by any physical means, and one who won’t abandon you no matter how cruel you are to them, that someone is you!

Thus, it is imperative for a healthy life, to be your own best friend. So next time life hits you hard, make sure you turn to the one person who will never abandon you, yourself.

Why Do People Neglect Self-Care?

This is indeed a hard question to answer as its different for each and every person, and often the circumstances surrounding it are highly multi-factorial and diverse. The following are a few common reasons someone may neglect their own needs:

  • People are unaware of the concept of self-care.
  • They don’t take time out of their day for it.
  • They assume that it’s not that important.
  • They put others’ needs first without realising that they can only help others if they have helped themselves first.
  • People don’t know how to evaluate themselves to make sure they are not going down a dark path.
  • They never developed a healthy relationship with oneself thus do not give an ear to the pleas of their own soul.
  • They are afraid of coming off as vain.
  • They think looking after themselves and selfishness are the same things.
  • Blind to help. The Self Care Month comes and goes and they never realize it is there. It is just a fad to them.

What Is Self-Care Awareness Month?

An annual tradition since 2017, the entire month of September is devoted to the understanding, practice, and awareness of self-care, therefore September is titled as the “Self-Care Awareness (SCA) Month”.

Everyone is fighting an internal battle we don’t know about, and sometimes even they aren’t aware of it, so this month focuses on reminding people about its importance. Additionally, it promotes awareness about mental diseases, e.g., depression, anxiety, etc. so people can take better care of themselves and be on the lookout for these symptoms in others.

This month promotes a time of self-reflection for people to think about themselves without judgement and hopefully find the benefits to be worthy of a lifelong change. The awareness spread by the SCA Month is essential as it can help people become their best selves or at least understand they need help so they can get it.

This month allows people to improve in all spheres of life, be it health, confidence, finances or relationships, by serving as a trial month; it equips them with the confidence to make it a routine.

How Can You Observe Self-Care Awareness Month?

To truly get into the spirits of Self-Care Awareness Month, it is important to do your research. Evaluate your life, all your actions and thoughts. The amount of time and money you spend on yourself, would a lover have been satisfied with this input if they were at the receiving end?

The things you say to yourself when you look in the mirror or mess up, how would a friend feel if you said the same things to them? If the answers to these questions have been unsatisfactory, then SCA Month is just the opportunity you need. Here are some pointers to get you started:

Be Kind and Forgive
Be kind to yourself if you make a mistake or can’t match up to worldly standard. Know that you are only in competition with who you were yesterday, not the rest of the world. If you mess up, then forgive yourself. After all, you’re only human, and mistakes are an essential part of the learning curve.

Exercise and Meditate
Physical and mental health are both equally necessary, and nothing says self-care like putting in the time and effort into yourself. Exercise not only keeps your body in shape but surprisingly it also keeps your brain young and the rush of endorphins gives you happiness and calm for days. Meditation and yoga provide you much needed mental peace and clarity to get you through your daily tasks.

Invest in Yourself
What better way to show yourself you care than by saving up to buy something for yourself? Treating yourself to a well-earned vacation? Or better yet, sign yourself up for some classes or pick up a hobby that you enjoy.

Clean up Your Environment
Stand up for yourself, if a “friend’s” comments or actions are often hurtful then it’s time you reconsidered this friendship. Any individual or circumstance that makes you feel bad isn’t worth it; cut it out of your life! More ideas and details on observing Self-Care Awareness Month are easily available online, do check them out. Important things to note:

Although SCA Month is within the month of September. This does not in anyway imply that it is the only month you or anyone should look after themselves or self reflect. Self-care should ideally come as naturally as breathing. It is something that should be embedded in our soul and be practiced every second of each day, throughout the year and without any breaks.

The purpose of making this month as opposed to a single day was to give people the time to truly become aware and start implementing. Hopefully if one is able to follow through with the month, then it should develop into a habit and become second nature.

Remember, self-love is the most important love!

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