On Athletes and CBD Super Foods

Discover why athletes like CBD super foods.

CBD can help athletes reach peak performance. Image Credit: By sirtravelalot on shutterstock.

What makes a great athlete is relentless dedication and a discipline that eludes the average human. It’s the ability to fight through when the battle is no more. It is the will to ignore the basic premise of pain in pursuit of the win. Some might contend that this level of exceptional greatness begins in the womb. But it is also influenced by how and what we feed our bodies, our brains, and our mental health.

Even still, sometimes in the push, the body defies the will and the two are at odds. When this happens, it may require a sideline, a reboot, rehabilitation or traditional western medicinal remedies. However, more than ever, esteemed athletes are opting for alternative fixes in CBD, THC, and other homeopathic remedies and regimens. Google the name “Marvin Washington” — you’ll get what I’m saying.

A former NFL player, Marvin Washington not only implements CBD oil in his day to day health plan, he has also entered the industry as a leading entrepreneur and advocate for other athletes and their fight to include cannabis as a viable alternative drug in the world of professional sports. He regularly addresses the painful effects chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) has had on pro football players and has been the consummate campaigner for all-natural, non-habit-forming cannabis use. Recently Washington and I met up on the east coast where we discussed some of his favorite cannabis products and how he hopes they gain attention in the mainstream.

A NFL Player’s Favorite CBD Products

In conjunction with a rigorous workout regimen, Washington regularly incorporates Cordial Organics CBD Bitters in his morning tea or coffee. Despite his always evolving travel schedule, regular exercise, a quality diet and CBD remain a consistent way of life.

Washington’s the VP of Business for Isodiol International Inc., so it’s no surprise that some of his most-used products derive from their line. Like Pot-O-Coffee Hazelnut Haze Cold Brew, a perfect morning get-up-and-go. Along with CBD-infused coffees and teas, the Isodiol brand also offers flavored beverage enhancers, CBD gummies, and enhanced tinctures.

Why Triathletes Love CBD

But it’s not just high-profile former NFL players who proselytize about the health benefits of CBD. Athletes of every level are getting in on this promising trend. Ask Rashida Bartley. No stranger to disciplined training, the savvy author and entrepreneur is an accomplished triathlete, now in training for her first Iron Man. Training and hardcore workouts are a regular, intense part of her life.

However, as is often the case with pushing the body to extremes, over the past few years, Bartley found her body in disrepair. Until recently, she had never thought about the subject of chronic pain or not having agency over her own body. But following the onset of severe hip pain, a major paradigm shift was on the horizon. She found temporary relief from pain medications, but neither physical therapy nor a series of MRIs offered answers about her condition that would allow her to reclaim her life and put foot to pavement once again. Frustration led to depression and a 30-pound weight gain.

“I was suicidal. I finally confided in a close friend who is also a cannabis chef. She gave me a CBD topical and within weeks, the pain dissipated and eventually disappeared,” Bartley explains.

Though the initial treatment involved topicals and CBD pain relief patches, Bartley ultimately added a cohesive CBD meal plan and trainer to help shed the weight. The diet included egg whites, Ezekiel bread, lean fish, and the addition of Real Scientific Hemp Oil. “I added it to my smoothies every morning. It balances me and gives me focus.” Her experience of managing chronic pain with CBD has led to a full-time career in CBD advocacy, particularly around access to quality products. Bartley now works with the brand High Grade Vape to bring quality CBD goods to all.

The Bottom Line: CBD for Athletes

Just as no pill or supplement is right for everyone, a CBD regimen is not a magical cure for all that ails you. There’s also the matter of a balanced diet and a beastly workout regimen. However, if CBD can help a sidelined triathlete abolish pain and get back in the game or support a retired professional football player on his extended journey of health, then perhaps there’s something in it for the rest of us too.

It is without question that a focused and professional athlete is an exceptional specimen. It is also without question that still, they are humans who are challenged in ways that are familiar to all of usl. It is good to know that there are athletes and advocates working to help the rest of us be the best version of ourselves. And perhaps CBD can be the catalyst that helps us get on our way?

Andrea Drummer
Andrea Drummer
Chef Andrea Drummer began her career as a youth advocate and anti-drug counselor before attending Le Cordon Bleu to pursue her passion in food. Since then, Chef Drummer has been a pioneering force in the culinary and cannabis industry, starting her cooperative, Elevation VIP in 2012. She is the author of the book Cannabis Cuisine: Bud Pairings of A Born Again Chef and has partnered with The James NoMad Hotel in New York to create an in-room-dining, CBD-infused menu which is currently available for guests. Chef Drummer's work has been featured in Marie Claire, Vogue, Forbes, Bon Appetit, the Los Angeles Times, among many others.

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