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Lifestyle is simply how a person lives their daily life, the things they do and the things they spend their time and money on. It is an expression given to the behaviours within work and leisure of an individual person. Lifestyle is characterized through a person’s hobbies and interests, attitude and opinions, values and income. Lifestyle is heavily influenced by culture, religion, social class/income, family and friends.

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Our team at cannabisMD provide articles that impact our lives on the following topics: stress, fitness, food, recipes, sex, pets, relaxation, vaping, and supplements. With the business of modern-day life, it can be challenging to do research on new trends and information.

Medical cannabis has shown to help our lives. For example, in spite of the classic “munchies association,” cannabis has shown to help with weight loss. A range of new-age recipes incorporate cannabis in delicious, yet therapeutic, ways.

Medicinal effects of cannabinoids such as CBD from both the cannabis and hemp plants are also said to be good for pets in the form of a CBD based oil.

Cannabis offers meditative effects as it is known to calm the body. Concerned on the health concerns of smoking cannabis? You might benefit from exploring vaporizing or oral supplements. No matter your lifestyle and cannabis concerns, cannabisMD has gathered the research, information and insights in the hope to answer all of your questions.