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Ideally, we’d all like to live a healthy lifestyle and feel fulfilled in our everyday lives. We want to have our basic needs met — food, clothing, shelter — and on top of that, most of us wouldn’t mind a decent job, supportive relationships, and time to enjoy doing things we love. For many people, cannabis has been a lifesaver when it comes to feeling good and even just functioning.

A growing body of research and personal testimonials suggests cannabis and CBD can help reduce stress and anxiety; ease pain and nausea; increase creativity; manage chronic illness; improve sleep; help with weight loss; treat inflammatory skin conditions; and much, much more. The medicinal effects of cannabinoids like CBD from both the cannabis and hemp plants are also said to be good for pet health and anxiety in the form of an oil. For humans, there are many ways to reap the plant’s benefits, from smoking to vaping to ingesting orally.

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Lifestyle: CBD and Medical Cannabis