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Making Peace with Cannabis

Making Peace with Cannabis

While I understand that this video is a few years old, and the legal info regarding Canada may be a little out of date, I still think the ideas brought up are valid today. Zachary Walsh, Ph.D., gives a clear and concise breakdown of the reasons why people use cannabis.

Today, people are opening up more to the idea that the prohibition of cannabis may not be the best thing. All across the world, people are realizing that making cannabis legal is the way forward.

In this video, Dr. Walsh talks about a study he conducted looking at 600 medical cannabis users. These were people with chronic conditions like cancer, MS, and AIDS. What he and his team found was that people were using cannabis for three main reasons. To help them sleep, to reduce pain and to alleviate anxiety.

In a follow-up study, he found that people who used cannabis to treat pain and anxiety were not only more capable of performing tasks but also did not think of the pain as much. In my mind, this is the strongest case for the legalization of cannabis. How can we not do everything we can to help people who are suffering from awful conditions?

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