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I Tried Medicinal CBD For A Week To Help My Anxiety

Tried CBD For A Week To Treat Anxiety

Credit: Candace Lowry

Candace Lowry, suffers with anxiety and she was recommended CBD so as an experiment she set out to record her journey while she tries CBD oil for a week. One of her main priorities was to find CBD oil from a well-known source and from someone who had researched and studied a lot of the information in relation to CBD oil. She visits a creatio property inclined collective store.

Jesse, the store manager stated that someone with anxiety and/or, a 20:1 is the perfect ratio due to the effects. You won’t get high from the THC but you’ll be getting the benefits of the cannabinoid with the catalyst effect of the THC.

Candace was given a lot of products that weren’t going to make her high, but contain medicinal benefits. Her trail started immediately when going to bed that night, she expressed that sleeping at night was difficult as she couldn’t relax or shut down, so she took CBD oil and saw immediate results.

For the week, she tries different products and methods of CBD, and notices big results with work and her ability to get things done. She said that it helps take control over her thoughts.

Her overall review of CBD is that it was very beneficial to her, she thought that it helps and was a great alternative for someone with anxiety. She related CBD to Xanax, and had a few of the same effects. She continued to talk about the cannabis industry and how she has respect and interest in it.

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