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Stress is a normal biological response to a potentially dangerous situation. When a human being experiences a threat (real or perceived) there is a hormonal and chemical increase in bodily activity. Stress serves a historic and animalistic purpose of survival and self-motivation. When in life threatening situations, this response can allow us to act with immediacy. Stress is natural and everyone experiences it.

When humans encounter stress inducers, chemicals and hormones, particularly adrenaline and cortisol, increase. This rush of bodily activity allows for heightened awareness, encouraging us to defend ourselves or rush for cover.

Stress is typically temporary. Once past our body’s “fight or flight response,” adrenaline levels should return to normal. Soon after, the subject’s heart rate and breathing should steady. Their muscles will gradually relax. Once freed of mental tension, the body will follow suit and become less tense.

Cannabinoids, chemical compounds from the cannabis plant, have shown promise in offering stress symptom reduction. The most well-known cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol. When stress is chronic, unnecessary, or debilitating, some studies find that cannabis may offer legitimate medical properties for stress other than the masking of symptoms by getting “high”.

Preclinical and clinical studies have displayed the anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties of cannabinoids. For the purpose of federal legal status, however, further large scale studies are required. As of now, cannabis is an alternative therapy. Like many alternative therapies, cannabis is natural and has lower adverse side effects. However, unlike many alternative therapies, cannabis is more potent and effective for a variety of patients over conventional treatments and types of care.

cannabisMD is a neutral resource on the rediscovered medicinal properties of the cannabis plant. The below articles discuss the benefits and limitations of marijuana and CBD products in alleviating bodily stress and anxiety. If you’re seeking natural solutions for excessive stress, like work, exams, or even phobias like flying.

cannabisMD offers reviews of not only medical cannabis but other novel solutions, like conventional pharmaceuticals and popular homeopathics. cannabisMD is dedicated to sharing neutral information on the therapeutic properties in cannabis that calm the body.