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IBS and IBD Studies

Many may confuse the difference between IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and IBD (irritable bowel disease). Although they both affect the bowel causing bloating, stomach pain, cramping and diarrhea, there are many dissimilarities between the two. It can be uncomfortable to be diagnosed with either of course, but it is important to check out the contrast of both IBS and IBD. There are many types of medication for both, but researchers are currently delving into the possibility of using CBD and medical cannabis to combat them.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder that impacts the large intestine. It is extremely common and is suggested that between 25 – 45 million Americans are affected. Although this number is quite high, many people do not show signs or symptoms that cause worry to the individual. Those that do document symptoms will usually experience excess gas, abdominal pain and mucus in the stool. Thankfully, IBS can be controlled through a balanced diet, good lifestyle and decreasing stress. With more severe cases however, you must see a doctor. If it goes unchecked it could be a more serious condition. Look out for worse symptoms such as weight loss, rectal bleeding, vomiting for no reason and pain that can’t be relieved from bowel movement.

Irritable bowel disease can sometimes be life threatening. This is when there can be inflammation of the digestive tract which causes a disruption in our normal bodily process. IBD can affect the small intestine, large intestine, stomach and even esophagus (all of which are responsible for the breakdown of our food). Diseases that follow IBD can most commonly include Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Studies suggest that about 1.6 million Americans have IBD.

CBD (cannabiniol) and medical cannabis have anti inflammatory properties which could potentially be used to help those with either IBS or IBD. This treatment could effectively calm the intestines and reduce the inflammation.

With studies still ongoing and medical cannabis being examined more than ever before, we must await the verdict before we can say for sure. Although it would be beneficial to have a remedy for IBS and IBD using an organic substance such as cannabis, more studies are required to back-up its validity.