Medical Marijuana for Endometriosis & Periods

Medical Cannabis for Endometriosis & Periods

Credit: The Medical Marijuana Expert: Dr. Rachna Patel
Published: 10th July 2017

In this video, Dr. Patel advises using medical marijuana to treat endometriosis and period pain. She also supports this advice with research findings as well as anecdotal evidence from her patients. A viewer (Rachel from California) has said she has been suffering from endometriosis for the past seven years. Modern medications and surgical options do not work or are too risky for her to try. Therefore she wanted to know if Dr. Patel had any success with her patients who used medical marijuana to treat it.

Dr. Patel points out that endometriosis effects 1-20 women of reproductive age between 14-60 years old. She goes further to explain what is happening in Rachel’s body. The cells that grow within her uterus are growing outside of it which causes endometriosis. The cells are called extrauterine growths.

Endometriosis and Medical Marijuana Research

Dr. Patel’s patients say that when they use medical marijuana to treat endometriosis as it helps the reduction of pain, after or during periods while also reducing the pain related to cramps. Some report that marijuana completely eliminates their pain. The reports from Dr. Patel’s patients clearly show that using medical marijuana to treat endometriosis does work and can be considered as an alternative form of medication. Women are finding their lives more manageable with endometriosis so they can do everyday tasks like go to work, help with the family and do daily chores.

If you wish to use medical cannabis or CBD Oil (cannabidiol) as a form of treatment for period pain, and endometriosis it’s important that you first seek medical advice from your doctor or any other form of medical professional. It’s also crucial, to avoid breaking the law that you research the laws and regulations regarding cannabis in your state or country.

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